Draggin Jeans has long been considered one of the most respected brands on the market when it comes to premium protective motorcycle clothing. Riding a motorcycle on the road is dangerous, as no matter how good of a rider you are, the dangers are all around you in the form of other vehicles, and you can never know how good of a driver they are! And for those who have experienced it, asphalt is extremely unforgiving on your skin if you do come off. Back in 1997, Draggin founder Grant Mackintosh put his butt on the line (literally) to ensure motorcycle riders had access to premium protective jeans that would offer superior protection in accidents on the road. In one of the more iconic marketing campaigns ever seen in the motorcycle industry, Grant chucked on a pair of Draggin Twista Jeans and got dragged along the surface of the road, putting his money where his mouth was and showing the world just how good a pair of Draggin Jeans really is.

Of course, people jumped right on board the Draggin bandwagon, and feedback from customers around the world speaks volumes of the quality of these jeans. As the only CE approved jeans in the world, you know you're getting more than your money's worth when you make the investment in a set of Draggin Jeans. Committed to making pants that are both fashionable, but more importantly protective, the Draggin name deserves all the respect and accolades associated with the brand. And while their jeans are certainly the main attraction for motorcycle enthusiasts, their Draggin Cargo Pants are definitely worth a look too. A robust construction featuring the same Kevlar and Dyneema lining as their jeans counterparts, these cargo pants are the ultimate when it comes to casual riding, city commuting, and also off the bike as everyday work pants! If you're after superior quality and protection, look no further than Draggin Jeans.