CrossPro offers some of the most sought after products in the moto industry. Skid plates are popular for enduro racers and even motocross racers to protect the underside of the dirt bike. Engine guards and bash plates are important to ensure the offroad machine is well equipped for any terrain you choose to take it. The CrossPro skid plates help protect the sump plug on most models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Husaberg, and Sherco machinery. The KTM SX range and YZF450 are one of the most popular dirt bike models to use the CrossPro skid plate as an extra layer of protection.

With competitors such as Force, Acerbis, and P3 Carbon products producing similar products the field of choice is always expanding. CrossPro offers simple skid plates as well as a full wrap-around enduro bash plate to cover the oil filter cover and even some models underneath the footpeg mounts. Skid plate combos come in a variety of colour choices and styles to accommodate every rider's preferences whether they are an extreme enduro racer or the weekend warrior. Be sure to check out the range of products on offer for your specific machine and use the Bike Finder tool on the website to accurately filter your specific bike.