If the majority of your time is spent on your adventure bike or dual sport riding is your jam, then the Continental TKC70 is a good option for many riders to look at. While a bit more biased to the road capability end of the spectrum, the Conti TKC70 does allow balanced street performance, while still able to perform admirably on gravel roads and occasional off road use. The TKC70 rear tire offers a continual central tread as well as smaller voids in the tread block pattern then it's more off road brother the TKC80, allowing it to offer a better tarmac oriented performance, as well as a longer wear life. Continental Tyres have used their own semi-dual compound technology that allows them to offer different levels of hardness at the central tread versus the shoulder area to ensure the best performance from both areas of the tread pattern. 

If you are after a high performing set of dual sport tires that offers outstanding grip, excellent mileage and a solid construction that can stand up to long trips on dirt roads, these Continental TKC70's are a strong contender. Whether you are on a KTM, BMW or Honda machine, a set of these should be high on your wishlist.