Replacing the OEM fuel tank on your dirt bike is never an ideal scenario to find yourself in. Firstly, something has had to go substantially pear shaped; either some kind of fault has managed to get the better of your gas tank over a considerable period of time, or you've had a pretty significant get off to manage to achieve this outcome in a more prompt fashion. Whichever way you have managed it, it doesn't make for an enjoyable chat with your mechanic, who will usually point you down one of 2 routes - repair or replace. Repairing a tank can come with mixed results (if you can even find someone willing to give it a crack) and at quite the expense, isn't often an ideal approach. Hitting up Kawasaki or Honda for a genuine replacement will see your next phone call to the bank manager to see about refinancing the house. 

Clarke Tanks is an aftermarket fuel tank manufacturer who provide a large range of dirt bike fuel tanks for a wide variety of popular models. All Clarke fuel tanks are made in the USA, and are either an exact replacement for the stock tank, or feature an increased capacity, for when an extra few litres is needed on a long off road haul. Also manufacturing an assortment of colours, Clarke lets you add a bit more flair to your machine, while still making use of your stock gas cap and petcock. Clarke Tanks feature as close to stock fitment as possible, and they have invested in some very precise manufacturing technologies to ensure their production process provide the best quality products.