First founded in 1990, Braking set off to change the way of aftermarket motorcycle brake pads and brake discs. With the thought of "Power Under Control", Braking designed the first "Wave" style disc which was a groundbreaking success and put braking on the map as a high end contender in the motorcycle industry. This was only the beginning for this innovative company who now manufactures brake discs and pads for MX, off road, adventure and road motorcycles and also mountain bikes. With over 96 world titles under their belt, and having riders like Chad Reed, Austin Forkner, Jeremy Martin and Cooper Webb put the product to the test over the years, Braking sure does know the way to the top. 

Good and controllable front brake power can sometimes be the difference between pushing your bike to the edge to win races and tucking the front end and losing it all. Braking Oversize Brake Kits come with a 270mm Braking Floasting Wave Disc, a pair of Braking Sintered Brake Pads and a Billet Adaptor Bracket for relocating your caliper to make way for the larger disc. The lightweight design of the disc provides premium control, while wave of allows the disc work in the harshest of conditions and not overheating. Look no further for the ultimate braking power and control, Braking has you covered.   

Braking has set the industry standard for years with their dirt bike brake pads. The sintered pads are designed to be gentle on rotors while providing stable brake performance. Braking manufacture these pads for a massive range of bikes, including Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, BMW and just about any other make and model you can think of. So if you're a pro or club level racer, or enjoy a trail ride on the weekends, these pads will supply all of your shopping needs.