Bearing Worx are one of the many brands we offer here at MXstore to replace/upgrade your original OEM bearings around the motorcycle. Bearing worx offer bearing kits for just about every piece of the motorcycle you are looking to change out. Providing customers globally with front and rear wheel bearing kits, seal kits, swingarm bearing kits, lower shock bearing kits, upper shock bearing kits, swingarm linkage bearing kits and steering stem bearings. All of these products provided by Bearing Worx are high quality components to replace the used and possibly broken OEM components after significant use.

All Bearing Worx kits come with the necessary components such as sealed bearings and required O-rings for certain makes and models to offer a premium service for your dirt bikes vital moving parts. Rebuild kits are also referred to as an 'upgrade kit' as these quality parts are used race teams over their own genuine factory products. Dirt bike wheels are a prime example of a moving part on the dirt bike. These front wheel bearing kits and rear wheel bearing kits wear out quicker than most as the aount of revolutions the bearing will encounter after the dirt bike has been taken out for a few weekends in a row is second to none. Many other bearing kits such as shock bearing and swingarm bearing kits are used for pivoting motions in a single direction, whereas the wheel bushings and wheel spacers that hide the bearings inside hub are spinning extremely fast the entirety of the race.

These kits are offered for many models of Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki to ensure your motocross dirt bike is treated to the correct aftermarket upgrade kits. Be sure to checkout the range of products for your dirt bike using the bike finder tool on our website!