Ballard's rear sprockets are a super popular item for off-road dirt bike racers in Australia. Front sprockets and rear sprockets are equally as important to compliment each other. These OEM replacements are a must for motocross and enduro racing machines. The brand new design is super high quality with incredible fitment for any dirtbike hub combo. The CNC machined lightweight motorbike sprocket is high on the wishlist when replacing your drive chain. These items complement a new O-ring chain or X-ring chain depending on the type of riding you do.

These rear sprockets are available for a large range of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models and can make your bike wheels like the part on and off the track! These items look great on the new YZF models where the blue fenders, blue rims, and fresh blue rear sprocket look amazing together. These items are selling out competitors and taking competition to the likes of Talon and Supersprox for all dirt scooters out there in Australia! Ballards supply a range of other products to help fill your shopping carts such as oil filters, handlebar components, and a range of other lightweight stainless steel dirt bike parts!