Atlas Tyke Neck Braces - as the name implies, these are for the youngsters out there! If you're anything like us, you started riding dirt bikes at a very young age, and there's a good chance that your kids will be doing the exact same thing. This is where the Tyke Neck Braces come in! Atlas has ensured that no matter what age you start riding, there is a range of neck protection for you, because no matter what age you are, you should never be taking a chance with your safety. Dirt bikes can be dangerous, we all know that. So ensuring you are as well protected as you can possibly be is a good start to staying safe when you're on two wheels. 

Neck braces have been fiercely debated in recent years as to just how useful they really are. However, in more recent times, studies have shown time and time again the benefits of a neck brace in motocross - these things save lives. The Atlas Tyke Neck Braces feature the same safety features on display in their bigger brothers, the Atlas Air and Atlas Prodigy braces, they're just designed to suit a smaller person (with a chest circumference of around 61-71cm). So no matter what size you are, you can rest assured that Atlas has a brace available for you. If you're curious to learn more about neck braces in general, be sure to jump on and check out our MXstore Neck Brace Buying Guide, where you can read about the origin of the neck brace, how they're made, what they're specifically designed for, as well as what to consider when you're looking at investing in one. Enjoy the range of Atlas Tyke Neck Braces, and as always guys, Ride Safe.