Atlas Prodigy Neck Braces are designed specifically for teenagers and young adults who aren't yet big enough to fit an adult sized neck brace. Now, you can rest assured that just because they're smaller, these things certainly don't cut corners on quality and protection. Very similar to their big brothers in the Atlas Air Neck Braces, the Prodigy Neck Braces feature the very same Split Flex Frame and Chest Suspension that make the Air Neck Braces so damn impressive. In fact, the Prodigy brace features nearly all of the same safety features as the Air braces, they're just made to suit a smaller person. You won't find any compromise on protection here!

And protection is the key word here. Neck and spinal injuries were an all too common occurrence in dirt bike riding in the past, and the introduction of the modern day neck brace has done a lot to help lessen the number of those injuries. Take some time to read through our MXstore Neck Brace Buying Guide to gain an insight into the evolution of the motocross neck brace, how they work, what they're designed for, as well as what to look for when you're purchasing a neck brace of your own. As we've mentioned a thousand times, safety will always come first in our eyes, and when it comes to the youth of our sport, we can't be taking any chances. Ensure your kids have got the best protection possible every single time they throw a leg over a dirt bike, and we can work towards making that number of injuries disappear completely.

Shop our range of Atlas Prodigy Neck Braces today and you'll enjoy free shipping Australia wide for any order over $20. Peace of mind and protection coming your way, and you don't even have to pay freight! Win-win in our books. Enjoy the range legends, and as always, Ride Safe.