Answer socks are one of our best selling MX sock ranges and for good reason. When buying a new pair of motocross socks the main thing to keep in mind is that they are good quality, will wick moisture away (not leave your feet sitting in a pool of sweat), give you plenty of support, and are as durable as possible so they'll last you seasons without developing holes and other forms of wear and tear that make you sad because you then have to fork out money to buy new ones. Answer Racing socks acknowledged all of these things when they developed their sock range. With various ranges of socks including your standard knee height socks (available in different price points to suit varying budgets), as well as thigh-high MX socks for use with knee braces. 

Available in some pretty sick colourway sand designs, the ANSR socks range is sure to please those that love bold popping colours and epic graphics. Their woven arch support and instep relief addresses the need for foot expansion and gives you the support you need without being restrictive. The ANSR knee brace socks utilize ventilation panels with lycra/mesh legs for the optimal airflow when you're using knee braces, and their 3D woven toe and heel cap will ensure the socks longevity.

If you're after a pair of MX socks that have the perfect blend of form and function and all for a price that is super affordable, then check out the full range of Answer Racing socks today! You really can't go wrong.