Answer Prodigy boots are the perfect option for parents looking for a pair of moto boots for the little ones. Don't be fooled by their looks, although these things look super cute, what lies beneath is some mammoth protection that is durable as hell and rich in features. When it comes to safety gear - kids especially - the key is for it to actually fit well. If your kids MX protective gear isn't snug or its fit is slightly off then it can't do its best possible job of keeping your kids safe. The designers of Answer Prodigy Pee Wee boots paid extra special attention to the fit of this range to ensure they are as safe as humanly possible. They also made sure that these boots are super easy to put on and take off, so dressing and undressing isn't a task that goes on for much longer than it needs to. The adjustable, easy snap buckles are great for small hands so that they can easily take their shoes on and off themselves.

An easy flex toe box provides great protection but is also nice and flexible to walk around in. A removable and washable insole makes these boots easy to look after and to keep fresh, and inner and outer ankle pads give excellent ankle support. These kids MX boots are also nice and light, weighing in at just 1kg per pair, so it won't feel like they are walking around stuck in the mud!

The reviews and feedback we've had back on the ANSR Prodigy kids boots have all been super positive, and all remark about the ease of getting them on and off! These little boots fit true to size, so if your child is usually a size K11 then order that size. Check out the full range of Answer Racing Prodigy Pee Wee boots today and browse the full range of colourways and designs and read up more about the specs! For an easy pair of moto boots for your toddler or child that won't break the bank, you really can't go wrong.