Answer PeeWee armour will give you that extra peace of mind when your little one is racing around at speeds you find uncomfortable to watch and you find yourself getting slight anxiety at the thought of them coming unstuck. If you want to gear your toddler or child up with some or all of the armour you can get your hands on, then the Answer kids armour range might be exactly what you're looking for. With a range of MX body armour for the toddlers and kids including Answer Pee Wee elbow guards, Answer Pee Wee knee guards, roost detectors, and bundles with the lot for the ultimate protection, you'll be sure to find some armour that will help keep your kids safe! Give your kids a confidence boost and gear them up with some good quality armour that won't send you broke.

Answer Kids Prodigy PeeWee elbow guards are great protection for small elbows and will prevent all sorts of scuffs, bruises, and broken bones which can take a long time to heal. Elbows are one of the first things that hit the ground when they hit the deck so it makes sense to put some protection at the first point of impact. The ANSR Pee Wee elbow guards are made from nice and soft bio-foam on the inside, so they'll be riding in comfort all day without wanting to rip them off! These kids elbow guards will fit ages 3-9 depending on which size you choose. 

Answer Pee Wee knee guards will do an excellent job at keeping your child's knee's protected in the event of a fall. As with elbows, knees are also one of the first things to hit the ground when something goes wrong, and with the knee joint being one of the most complex joints in the body, it's important to make sure they are geared up with some solid kids knee protection. Knee injuries can stay with you for life, and are much easier to prevent rather than fix. At such a low price point, ANSR PeeWee knee guards are worth every penny when it comes to your child's safety.

Answer PeeWee roost deflectors will protect your child's upper chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms. The Answer kids roost guard is made from ventilated soft bio-foam that makes a whole day of riding in it an absolute comfortable breeze. The ANSR child's roost deflector was designed to be super easy to put on and take off so that kitting them up with safety gear isn't an ordeal that goes on much longer than it has to. Being hand washable, these MX roost deflectors will stay as fresh as the day you bought it (depending on how often you wash it of course) and helps keep the armour in good order free of mud that causes wear and tear. 

For the ultimate protection buy the whole lot in a bundle and pad them up to the max to minimize injury. Check out the full range of Answer kids armour today and add some peace of mind to your cart!