Alpinestars walk shorts are your everyday staple that will go with you absolutely everywhere you can walk. Designed for more than just walking, including lounging, sitting, standing, slightly jogging, and running around with the kids, these shorts shouldn't have been called 'walk' shorts at all because they are clearly so much more than that. But we saw where they were going with it, so we'll 'run' with it. With a range of MX walk shorts available in various styles including cargo walk shorts with pockets and just your stock standard normal walk shorts that come in a range of colours and patterns, you'll be sure to find some casual Astars shorts that appeal to your eyeballs. 

Team up your favourite pair of Alps walk shorts with basically everything and anything. We're not kidding, these things look good with anything you've got hanging around in your wardrobe waiting to be worn but you haven't yet found a pair of awesome shorts that go with it. Until now (you're welcome). Chuck on a singlet, a t-shirt, or a button-up shirt, heck even a polo shirt. Anything goes with these bad boys who will accommodate and welcome any accompanying garment. Wearability factor is high here, with its 2-way stretch material that is flexible without looking like lycra bike pants. All weird comparisons aside, these are a great pair of casual shorts to check out and wear out...and we don't mean that in the wear and tear kind of way.