Leading the wolf pack this year for racewear innovation and technological advancements within the motocross industry is Alpinestars. Included in their mix of epic-ness are the Alpinestars Techstar pants which are a huge contributing factor to why Alpinestars are planting themselves in the #1 position this year in the world of MX racewear and it doesn't look like they'll be stepping down anytime soon. These guys have taken over the racewear scene and proven themselves time and time again. These Techstar pants are no exception with their Adaptive Stretch Technology and multi-panel, innovative stretch fabric for excellent strength and durability. The list of features on a pair of these bad boys is fairly extensive and is a true reflection of how much value is packed into them. Despite all of this, Alpinestars has still managed to put them up for a price that we consider to be affordable when comparing them to other brands similar offerings.