Alpinestars Supertech Pants are one half of the all-new racewear combo from the legends over at Alpinestars, but when it comes to technical motocross gear, it's typically the pant that makes up the more important half of the relationship. Having said that, if you are after a whole new set and not just a set of pants, you'll want to run over to the Alpinestars Supertech Gear Sets, where you'll find your matching combos ready to roll. But back to the pants themselves - these things are on a whole new level compared to anything Alpinestars has produced before, and there's very good reason for the hefty price tag that's attached to them.

An all-new pattern fit is featured on the Supertech Pants, designed specifically to offer the absolute maximum in the way of comfort and movement on the dirt bike. These are two of the most important things in racing, and when it comes to guys like Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Jeffrey Herlings, they demand nothing but the best. You can't let a clothing malfunction get in the way of your championship chase, so Alpinestars has done everything they can to ensure they Supertech Pants can hold their own no matter a rider throws at them. Featuring some of the most advanced materials and construction methods you'll find in motocross racewear anywhere, these things are built for performance and nothing less.