Alpinestars singlets are your go-to MX singlet that'll go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe and compliment most pairs of pants besides dress pants. Made from 100% ring spun cotton, Alpinestars singlets won't pill or look tired after a few wears. These are top quality singlets that'll last you through the seasons without shrinking or stretching. Perfect for those hot summer days when you're sweating up a storm and want nothing more than to wear nothing at all but your current situation would make that inappropriate so your next best bet is a singlet. For winter these bad boys are perfect to wear as an undershirt to keep you warm and toastie. 

Not only are these the perfect all-rounder tank top whos versatility will have you wearing it on all sorts of occasions, but they're also super affordable and won't be breaking banks anytime soon. For that reason, they are great to buy as a gift for someone who loves motocross, just singlets in general. Check out the full range of Astars singlets, slip on your pluggers, and chuck on a pair of boardies, and your bloody good to go!