The newest line in the Alpinestars MX Racewear collection, the Alpinestars Racer Tech range is taking the market by storm. Chasing premium gear at an affordable price? Look no further than the Racer Tech. Combining the proven performers in the Techstar and Racer lines, the Racer Tech gear has picked the best from both worlds to hit the market at a mid-range price point with some seriously envious features. The Alpinestars Racer Tech Pants are the backbone of the Racer Tech line, inheriting a wealth of comfort, performance, and fit, from their big brothers in the Techstar range. If you demand freedom of movement on your dirt bike, trust us when we say, this stuff will not let you down.

Designed specifically with movement in mind, the four-way stretch panels of the Racer Tech Pants have been strategically position to ensure no matter which way you're moving on your bike, your pants are going to move with you. The absolute last thing you want to be doing when you're riding is fighting against your racewear, so freedom of movement like that on display in the Racer Tech Pants is an absolute dream come true. All orders on our Alpinestars Racer Tech Pants will score you free shipping on your order, so get involved now!