Alpinestars neck braces are one of those bits of protective gear that many think see as optional and not always necessary. Originally met with much hesitance from the public about whether these things would actually help or hinder a rider, neckbraces have since proved themselves to be a vital piece of equipment that saves lives. First generation MX neckbraces hit the market in 2013 and have experienced many technological advancements since. With countless hours of research and development by leading brands such as Alpinestars, neck braces are slowly starting to be recognized as a crucial piece of protective equipment. The Alpinestars neck brace reduces hyperextension of the neck in all directions and redirects the impact to the rest of your body while supporting the neck.

Alpinestars neck braces are designed to be so light, you'll barely notice it resting on your shoulders. Its high tech carbon polymer construction is super strong and designed to withstand heavy impact energies during a crash. It can withstand low temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius and can be adapted to pretty much any size through its Size Adaptor System which ranges from XS-M and L-XL. Comfortable, lightweight, durable, and life-saving is what makes this MX neck brace a continuous favourite. For a more in-depth look into neck braces to make an informed decision, check out our neck brace buying guide.