When it comes to investing in protective gear knee braces are often sadly overlooked due to their high price range vs perceived benefits. The question of, "Why would I need to spend so much on knee braces when I can get knee guards from about $30?" is often raised which is totally valid if you don't know just how valuable knee braces are. For a more in-depth explanation check out our knee brace buying guide but for a quick rundown on the Alpinestars knee braces then read on. These guys have poured countless hours into research and development to create the best in knee brace technology and how it can mimic the exact movement of the human body to minimise damage when things go pear-shaped.

Yes, one could consider knee braces to be an expensive non-essential. Luckily the guys at Alpinestars realized this and have made knee braces accessible to everyone with various price points on offer. Let us assure you if its one thing you don't want it's a busted knee. More often then not when they're busted they're busted and its unusual for them to ever be the same again. Being one of the most complex joints in the body and also one of the most time consuming one to heal, you'll want to ensure that they're well secure when you take a tumble. The Alpinestars knee braces will prevent hyperextension of the knee and also provide superior comfort and padding through innovative FluidTech which is super lightweight and customizable.