Airoh Switch helmets are your entry-level MX helmet within the Airoh range making this a popular choice for those who love Airoh but aren't in the financial position to fork out hundreds of dollars for their premium offerings. With the quality you would expect from the Airoh brand, the Switch helmet delivers on comfort, reliability, durability, and safety. With its multiple ventilation ports and advanced breathable fabrics, this moto helmet is not only awesome because its Airoh and they make epic products, but it also has the comfort factor from its airflow capabilities that won't make you want to rip it off as soon as you stop riding. 

Keep your Switch helmet fresh and sparkly with a removable liner for when things get a bit stank in there. There's nothing worse than putting your head in something that smells like a decade worth of blood, sweat, and tears. We always love a helmet that has the advantage of a removable liner. Not only does it eradicate smells and make your ride that much more enjoyable, but it also saves you a bunch of money from not having to buy a new helmet due to worn out smelly liners. An adjustable peak gives you that customisable factor that many riders like in their motocross protective gear. 

Check out the full range of Airoh Switch helmets today and get your head covered in top quality gear that won't break the budget.