Dirt Bike goggles are an extremely important piece of your Motocross or Enduro setup. Goggles are customisable to your liking depending on your preference of Brand, Colour or Size. With the option to replace or interchange your Clear lens or a tinted lens easily. Dirt Bike Goggles also provide a unique Tear off or roll-off system to give you the optimum visibility regardless of the weather or track conditions. Each time you take your Kawasaki KX450F to the track, ensure you take these with you!

Airflaps are new to the market and provide a great device capable of minimising fog formation with a single hand whilst on the go. Motocross goggles are susceptible to fogging in hot conditions and this brand new eyewear accessory offers a quick and efficient way to cool down and open up a small air gap to provide quick a fast and smooth ventilation options. Off-road racers are jumping at the opportunity to try these new Airflaps. The product offers an easy installation method as well as universal fitment for all types of motocross goggles and riding ability from starting on a pit bike up to world champions.

The best part about this device is the ease of use while on your hard enduro or even MTB course. Simply take one hand off the handlebars in a safe spot and open the Airflap to change the dynamic of your Goggle ventilation. Next time you swing your leg over your KTM 250SX-F or Honda CRF450-R be sure to check out this new device. Airflaps are a must for the wishlist!