Acerbis X-Seats are one of the only aftermarket complete replacement seats on the market, so they're fairly hot property here at MXstore. These things are a fairly unique design, with an upper portion of the seat that is rotationally molded with a soft compound that allows it to offer a rider unprecedented grip on the dirt bike. The base of the X-seat is made of a harder polypropylene material that secures to the upper section. Now, let us start out by saying this - these seats are designed with performance in mind, so they're NOT the most comfortable things in the world. They're designed for racers who spend the majority of their time standing in the attack position on the dirt bike, and only sit down they need to (and when they do sit down, they're after some serious grip, which the X-seat certainly delivers). If you're more of a casual rider who enjoys cruising the trails or hitting the paddock, and you're spending most of your time sitting down, we probably wouldn't recommend the Acerbis X-Seat for you! 

If you ARE a racer, or someone who is serious about their riding, then we certainly would recommend the Acerbis X-Seat. As we said, these things offer some fairly unmatched levels of grip when it comes to a rider sitting down, and when you're blowing apart corners in third gear wide open, the last thing you want to be worrying about is sliding around on your seat. Now, the Acerbis X-Seat is going to offer you some exceptional durability (it's also completely waterproof if that floats your boat), with a fully external plastic shell, while it also has an internal soft expanded foam that aims at improving comfort as much as possible. Again, they're NOT the most comfortable seats in the world (if you're really going fast, you shouldn't be sitting down all that often).

As we said, the Acerbis X-Seat is a fairly unique product, but it certainly has its place in the market. All of our X-Seats here at MXstore will qualify you for our free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia (as will all orders over $20 here at MXstore). We definitely recommend checking them out, but as we mentioned, they're going to be suited to a particular kind of rider, so if that doesn't sound like you, these might not be the products for you!