Acerbis Disc Covers are one of the easiest ways to ensure your front brake disc and calipers are as protected as they can possibly be when you're out riding, no matter what the terrain. Front brake disc rotors and calipers can be fairly expensive when it comes to replacing them, and anyone who has copped a decent hit the front of their dirt bike and found their brake disc completely bent out of shape knows that it's not a good time. Made of durable polypropylene, the Acerbis Disc Covers offer some solid protection to your rotor and calipers, ensuring that any rocks, sticks, or debris are kept well away from your precious parts.

MXstore stocks a variety of options when it comes to Acerbis Disc Covers, as well as a bunch of the disc cover mounts that you will need to attach yours to your dirt bike. The vented option is quite popular for a lot of enduro riders who want to ensure adequate airflow to keep their brake pads as cool as possible, although we've found that the solid style of Disc Cover also performs extremely well and offers that extra level of protection. There's a wide range of colour options to go with if you want to match it up with the colours of your machine, or even if you want it to stand out like a 2 stroke in an outdoor national. Either way, these things are a solid option and offer a decent level of protection to some of the more vital parts on the front of your dirt bike, and at such a friendly price point they're definitely worth the investment.

Keep in mind that if you're spending over $20 on your order here at MXstore you'll score yourself free shipping to anywhere in Australia, so you don't have to worry about getting slapped with any additional postage charges. Happy days!