Acerbis Chain Guides are the perfect replacement when your OEM chain guide is starting to show signs of a little wear and tear. Due to the nature and positioning of the Chain Guide on your dirt bike, it's definitely prone to copping some damage over the months and years of riding, so looking for a high quality replacement Chain Guide is always going to be a problem. Thankfully, Acerbis offer a range of replacement Chain Guides that are far improved on the OEM ones that come stock on your dirt bike, so once you've invested in one of these little beauties, you can rest assured that you'll be getting a lot more life out of it.

The Acerbis Chain Blocks are made up of a 100% PA6 construction, meaning they're going to be extremely durable and very resistant to wear and tear from your chain. They're also going to be very resistant to damage from roost and flying rocks, so you don't need to worry so much about your chain guide copping a hiding from the dirt. Made up of two separate pieces, the Acerbis Chain Guides can be installed without having to remove the chain from your dirt bike, saving a lot of time and hassle just to install a new chain guide. They come in a wide range of colour options and typically also have matching Acerbis Chain Sliders that you can purchase with them if you're after the full set. Keep in mind that this is a growing category, so if we don't have the chain guide or chain slider in stock for your machine, be sure to Contact our Customer Service Crew and they'll be more than happy to try and track down the parts you need. 

As with all orders here at MXstore, simply spend over $20 on our Acerbis Chain Guides and they'll be coming your way care of free shipping to absolutely anywhere in Australia. No one likes having to worry about getting slammed with additional postage charges, so we've taken that hassle out of your way. Check out the range today and see for yourself why these are regarded as some of the best aftermarket Chain Guides available.