Clutch cables are extremely important on the dirt bike and provide the link between the clutch lever and the clutch inside the engine. The cable runs from the clutch master cylinder (hydraulic clutch models) to the clutch hub inside the motor. An OEM clutch cable can sometimes stretch over time and not perform the same as when it was brand new off the showroom floor. This occurs in all dirt bikes whether you have a Kawasaki KX250F, Kawasaki KX450F, Suzuki RMZ250, or any cable clutch model of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, or Yamaha. Make sure to use the 'MyGarage' section of the website and filter by your model of dirt bike and order the correct part number for your new product!

Be sure to check out the route the original cable takes through the frame and wiring loom on the dirt bike. Usually, the clutch pull cable follows the throttle cable all the way to the inner hub and clutch plates. These items are definitely one for the wishlist or to place on your order today and give your clutch a brand new feel. We also stock slave cylinder rebuild kits and other auto parts for you to throw in the shopping cart and make sure the credit card gets good use and gives the dirt bike what it deserves!