100% Accuri Goggles are one of the most used and highly rated motocross, Enduro, BMX and MTB goggle on the market! 100% Goggles are well known for their unique designs and colour options available throughout the entire range released throughout the years. Motocross Goggles are extremely important pieces of protective equipment and offer the only form of eyewear when hitting the enduro trails or the pro motocross tracks. Mirror lens options are available to help block the sun as much as possible, as well as tear-offs to help minimise the risk of getting mud stuck in your line of vision and impacting your race!

100% Percent offers a unique setup between their goggle platforms and offer a large selection of replacement lens and dual-lens options to accommodate user requirements and preferences. These MX goggles are able to provide industry-leading offroad protection as well as being one of the highest demanded dirt bike goggles globally. Replacement lens options start with an anti-fog clear lens and work into the smoke lens and dark smoke options for those 30+ degree Summer days. Red mirror and blue mirror goggle lenses are among some of the most popular upgrades to the Accuri goggle.

A feature specific to 100% Goggles is the versatile lens fitment throughout 3 goggle frames offered by the company. Strata Goggles, Accuri Goggle and Racecraft Goggles all utilise the same lens and offer a user-friendly experience to riders of any level. We highly recommend adding a replacement lens while you checkout the range of colours and options available to match your new Honda CRF450R and riding gear. Make sure to grab yourself a pair of these MX/Enduro goggles before you get behind another set of handlebars!