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Scott is a pioneer when it comes to motocross and enduro goggles, which why the world's fastest riders such as Jorge Prado, Justin Barcia, Malcolm Stewart, Austin Forkner, and many more choose to sport their premium Prospect goggle.

The Prospect has been revolutionary in MX goggles, setting a new benchmark for design, comfort and functionality with a unique outrigger construction, four-pin tear-off posts, and advanced lens locking system.

The goggle has a pair of pivoting outriggers, which ensures the goggles can fit and adapt to any helmet shape. The design of the outriggers creates a complete and consistent seal on your face, preventing any dirt from making its way inside the goggles.

The Scott Prospect goggle provides maximum field of vision through its TruView lenses, which block 100% of harmful UV rays, and they've undergone permanent No Fog anti-fog lens treatment process. One of the key differences of the Scott TruView lenses is the four works pins, rather than the traditional two.

The four works pins offer greater stability for tear-offs, ensuring they continue to remain tight against the lens for the best vision possible while helping to put a stop to how much dirt and moisture can work its way between tear-offs.

The lens lock system on the Prospect is one of the greatest features of the goggle, and it's been constructed to guarantee the safest lens retention on the market. The innovative Scott lens lock system prevents the lens from potentially coming out, which is thanks to four locking pins that engage the lens, instead of the traditional design that is popped into the frame and grabbed from the top.

The goggle uses Scott's renowned NoSweat 3-layer face foam that consists of a super water-absorbent microfiber layer. It soaks up moisture fast and avoids sweat getting into your eyes or inside the goggle.

The Scott Prospect goggle comes fitted with a removable noseguard, and they're all compatible with the advanced Prospect WFS (Works Film System) - the roll-off system offering a staggering 50mm thick film for superior vision in the toughest weather conditions. The Prospect WFS features a slick integration with the outrigger and the canisters for an unmatched minimalistic look.

Scott has made the Prospect available in a selection of fresh designs and colourways, along with releasing a number of limited edition sets.


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