Tube Saddle 2015 Product of the Year

Reviews  |  6 October 2016

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Tube Saddle: Top 20 product of the year


Tube Saddle 2015 Product of the year

What Is a Tube Saddle?

Tube Saddle is a revolutionary insert for motorcycle tyres designed to significantly reduce pinch flats (the number one cause of flat tyres). It is installed with a conventional inner tube and allows you to run low tyre pressures (between 8-12psi) without the worry of getting a pinch flat.

Tube Saddle is a layer of foam material in the “sandwich” region that is softer than the inner tube. Tube Saddle absorbs and dissipates the impact which protects the inner tube.

It requires no modification of the rim and installs essentially the same as installing an inner tube. It can be used for all Off-Road motorcycle competition such as motocross, enduro, cross-country, GNCC, endurocross, desert racing, dual sport, adventure riding, trail riding and virtually any motorcycle tyre which has an inner tube.

Some of the benefits to running a Tube Saddle Include:

  • Better traction by running lower tyre pressure (8-12 psi) without the risk of pinch flats. You will feel as if your suspension has been re-valved
  • Longer tyre life resulting from running lower tire pressure
  • Better traction even when your tyres are worn
  • Eliminate installation pinch flats incurred by tyre levers
  • Rim tape no longer necessary
  • Seals your wheel assembly from water and debris

Tube Saddles are a low cost, easy to install solution to getting pinch flats on your dirt bike. The added benefits of increased tyre performance and prolonged tyre lifespan ticks all of the boxes when considering this revolutionary product.


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Tube Saddle tire saver


"After more than 350 miles of fast desert riding and slow rock crawling, I have yet to be the recipient of a pinch flat, despite changing three tires with those evil tire irons, hitting rocks at speed, and feeling the sting of the rim contacting mother earth.”

Michael Allen, Dirt Rider Magazine, October 2015


“Thank you very much for your product. What a great race. I ran 10 psi in the rear. The traction was incredible on the rocky up hills. I could definitely notice the difference. I took first place in my class, and was only 12 seconds behind the top A class rider!”

Rob Bebee, B amateur Off road racer.


“Had an awesome day out at King of the Moto’s. Thanks to Tube Saddle for all the traction needed to make this extreme event a success. I ran Tube Saddle with 6 psi in the rear all day with great results. Finished 1st amateur and 12th overall. Braap!!”

Kevin Murphy, Off-Road Expert, SRT Sponsored Rider


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