Motocross Body Armour With Side Torso Coverage

Reviews  |  30 December 2015

Motocross Body Armour With Side Torso Coverage main image

As modern day technology improves so does the innovation of motocross protective gear. Safety equipment which has been around since the early 80’s such as body armour has recently been given a complete overhaul with new designs and materials being released every season.

Some of the more notable improvements are their compatibility with a range of motocross neck braces allowing more riders options when they are looking to step their safety up a level and run a neck brace.

Improvements in materials have progressed a long way now with a larger range of stronger, lighter, cooler, more comfortable and safer body armours to choose from.

Another key improvement is the addition to full side torso protection. This technology was first released for juniors but soon spread into the adults sizing in armour and now a number of brands have released their own version of this armour often in a range of styles to suit even the most pedantic of riders.

The benefit of armour with full side torso protection is just as the name describes. More protection for your torso which means less damage when you do happen to hit the deck.

Although some of this armour has more panels the weight difference is minimal, and with evolutions in venting and materials most of these products are not much hotter than traditional chest protectors. Most are designed with removable shoulder and bicep panels and their neck brace compatible designs still offer a comfortable ride with little to no restriction of movement!

Check out a range of these types of body armour below from brands such as FOX, Leatt and Troy Lee Designs


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