Leatt Airflex Lite Gloves Review

Reviews  |  25 July 2015

Leatt Airflex Lite Gloves Review main image

Rider: Pete Anderson

Discipline: FMX

Riding Level: Professional


Leatt Airflex Lite Gloves

When I first laid eyes on the new Leatt Airflex Lite gloves the first thing I thought was Leatt have now made body armour for your hands.. Right, that will be comfortable!

True to typical Leatt form, the scientists in the big white Lab coats at Leatt have put the hard yards in and discovered the venerable parts of your hands are whilst you are holding the bars and being pelted with roost. They have designed a glove which not only offers some protection for the backs of your hands and knuckles if you hit the ground, but they have included padding in a range of places which are notorious for being smashed with roost like the tips of your thumbs.

The protection comes from a product called injected armorgel which basically means a range of gel type pads which absorb impacts but can also flex and move freely to not restrict your ability to hold onto those handlebars.

Now you would think that a set of gloves which appear to have more armour than a Sherman tank would feel like they weigh a tonne, but surprisingly when trying them on they feel no different to any new style light weight motocross glove on the market. The entire back of the glove is your typical snug stretch fit while the palms consist of a NanoFiber material which is durable but extremely thin and soft.

Sizing felt true to your typical MX glove and after putting them on there was no “break in” period, just put them on and go for gold!

Being an FMX rider, I personally haven’t had the opportunity to test the roost resistance these gloves provide, but I can vouch for the comfort, feel and grip all ticking the boxes they needed to leaving me with a big smile on my face and being pleasantly impressed with the gloves and how they performed!

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