FOX Proforma Knee Brace Sock Product Review

Reviews  |  10 July 2014

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If you have ever worn a knee brace you will immediately understand the need to wear a set of knee brace socks. The added safety to your knees while wearing braces also means added irritation, chafing and in some cases pinching of the skin.

You wouldn’t think something as simple as a longer pair of socks could make much of a difference but putting these on under your braces will make your legs feel like they have gone on a holiday, free from pinching and skin irritation!

The FOX Proforma Knee Brace sock combines a traditional thick padded sock from the rider’s toes up to the bottom of the calf muscle, then converting to a lightweight polyester/spandex tube stretching to the rider’s thigh. Ending in a thick fabric stretch band around the top to prevent the sock from sliding down during a ride.

A mesh panel has been added to the back of the entire upper leg section for added ventilation and superior comfort with sweat absorbing fiber woven throughout the sock for moisture management and durability.

These motocross socks are extremely comfortable and do everything they are designed to do without increasing the temperature of the rider even on hot summer days.

FOX Proforma Knee Brace Sock

Some care should be taken when putting the socks on or off as the mesh panel or thinner material in the upper section could tear if a rider was trying to yank them excessively. Gathering them up and slipping them on in the correct manner is the easiest way we found to get the socks on straight and evenly without having to stretch them into a different postcode to get them on.

After 20 or so rides with these socks they are holding up fine and I wouldn’t ride without them again, even if you wear regular knee guards we suggest the next time you need socks to give these a try, they just feel so good to wear! A five star rating from me!

Pete Anderson

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