Red Bull Day In The Dirt Down Under 2019

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Red Bull Day In The Dirt Down Under 2019

You know those movies that are absolutely amazing, and a sequel comes along with such massive expectations to be just as good, and they're just... not? Well, guess what... that is definitely NOT what happened with Red Bull's Day In The Dirt Down Under 2 in 2019! The fastest party in town returned with a bang in 2019 after a hugely successful 2018 debut, and while there was certainly a bit of a different feel to the 2019 event, there's no doubting at all that it will go down as one of the best weekends of the year.

Check out some of the highlights of the epic times in our MXstore recap video below, with nothing but laughs, good times and dirt bikes.

No one else combines dirt bikes, mates, and good times quite like the Red Bull Day In The Dirt Down Under crew. We love this industry that we're in, and seeing so many riders and fans out having a blast was such a great feeling. With nearly 700 rider entries taking part over the weekend, the sheer number of dirt bikes in the one location was mindblowing.

MXstore Day In The Dirt Down Under 2019

MXstore was pumped to be a part of the activities, and we were out in full force to check out what is quickly becoming the most anticipated event on the Australian moto calendar. We had nearly 25 of our own MXstore riders out on the tracks throughout the 3 day weekend, and over 50 of our crew out there at one stage or another to check out the action firsthand. It's hard to pass up the epic fun on hand at an event like Day In The Dirt Down Under, and we were stoked to see so many of our own out there living and breathing this sport that we all love so much.

Fasthouse, The Purveyors of Good Times, certainly lived up to their name once again in 2019. Fasthouse legends Darryn Durham and Ricky Diaz made the trip down under and brought along Bell Powersports media heavyweight Max Mandell to capture the fun along the way (and throw some elbows with the local Aussie's in the novice class). Jet lag wasn't slowing the boys down on or off the track, and it was certainly a treat to watch some of the most gifted moto riders on the planet letting it rip on Aussie soil. 

Fasthouse Ricky Diaz Darryn Durham

The Friday night drags stole the spotlight once again as the highlight of the event, as riders of all ages took on the drag strip on some of the weirdest and wildest bikes you've ever seen. Costumes once again took centre stage as the mantra of good times came to the forefront, and it was clear as day that every single person there was having an absolute ball. If you haven't made it out to one of the Day In The Dirt Down Under events, this is certainly reason enough to check out round 3 in 2020!

There's a full collection of photos from the event at the bottom of the page, but here are a few of our favourites from the drag strip.

Day in The Dirt Down Under DragsDay in The Dirt Down Under DragsDay in The Dirt Down Under DragsDay in The Dirt Down Under DragsDay in The Dirt Down Under DragsDay in The Dirt Down Under Drags

And we can't forget out the Dust Hustle and Ellaspede crew over on the TT track all weekend! Easily some of the most entertaining racing of the whole event, it really is a sight to see when the Risky Road Bikes class hits the circuit. With a host of different classes hitting the track throughout the whole weekend, there was all manner of machines to be seen, from the Mini Bikes, Old Mates (pre 90's), and Small Bike Burners, to the Juniors, Women's, and of course the Risky Road Bikes. One of MXstore's favourites Jemma Wilson was back in action again, this year on her on Husqvarna TC65, and was once again simply unstoppable!

The Ellaspede crew run a tight ship on the Dust Hustle circuit, with hundreds of machines rolling through to the start line over 3 days of madness and fun. Well done on yet another awesome job you legends!

Emma McFerran Day In The Dirt

Overall, the whole weekend was an absolute blast. Bringing together such a massive group of people with a shared love of bikes, fun, mates, and good times, the Day In The Dirt Down Under event is simply unmissable. A massive thank you to everyone and anyone involved with putting the event on, taking part in the races, or simply coming along to support the good times in moto. Mark this one on your calendar for 2020, and we'll see you guys there!

And be sure to check out our full image gallery below for a taste of the action that goes down at Red Bull Day In The Dirt Down Under.


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