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Proud to Support  |  3 November 2021

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A Jemma Wilson Event presented by MXstore and MPE
18th-20th June 2021 – Green Park Connondale

What is this event?

Husqvarna Women’s Trail Ride. What? A Women’s only Trail Ride…. Wait, it’s a whole weekend for women to go trail riding? Sounds pretty good to us! Oh, and to top it all off, the event was held at one of the best dirt bike riding destinations in Australia…. Green Park, Conondale QLD. MXstore employee Jena couldn’t enter quick enough, neither could the other 230 women as the event sold out so quickly!
This event was created by former International 6 day Enduro world Champion and all-around legend, Jemma Wilson. The event was designed to cater for women of all abilities that want to ride their dirt bikes in a fun, safe, non-intimidating and encouraging environment.

Words from Jena: "My weekend to remember went a little bit like this..."


Travelled to the venue with my husband Ryan and arrived early and was eager to get the weekend started. I unpacked my gear, bike, quick shade and swag and sent Ryan on his way. I think he was a little bit envious of our girls-only set-up! Don’t feel too bad though, he was off to meet his friends and have his own adventure on other local trails. I set up my campsite and then watched as the cars full of excited women started rolling in, I’d never seen a lineup quite like this… From utes to vans or cars towing trailers, both new and old alike. All shared a common feature, eager women sporting big smiles! For some, it was their first event like this while others had experienced it before and knew the fun that they were about to experience yet again. As the sun went down you could hear the laughter and chatter amongst the groups of friends that had formed amongst the campgrounds. Everyone was welcome and the atmosphere was so fun and relaxed. As the evening set in the fire pits came out, combined with some good food and a cold drink while the banter and good times rolled on into the night.


Ride and Shine! An array of riding was available to us on a beautiful hinterland morning. Flat tracks for beginners and bigger MX tracks for intermediate and advanced riders. The youngest of riders weren’t left out either with their very own ‘little bike’ tracks. Apart from the MX tracks, there were two trail loops, both long and short loops were well marked to warn of upcoming harder sections, or to show the easier routes. Jemma and her team had done a brilliant job of the trails. There was something for all abilities and bike sizes to really enjoy safely or challenge themselves if they wanted to. The single track wound through some beautiful scenery alongside creek beds and occasionally through some stony creeks. Nothing to be worried about though with the creek crossings as Jemma had organised a bunch of awesome sweep riders to patrol the loops and help anyone who was stuck or needed help. The sweeps were much more than just your regular bike patrol and rescue though, they were also the best vibe checkers around! They cheered and yelled encouragement and honestly, they all just wanted to make sure everyone was having the best time possible! Bunch of legends they were.
After a full day riding it was time to hit the kill button on the day and start the evening. Hot showers for everyone and then over to the Young Henrys Happy Hour Bar to enjoy a well-earned drink and time to catch up with everyone and share stories of the day. Campfires were lit, live music was going, and the vibe was set for a good night. Some called it early after a big day of riding, knowing there was more to come the next day, while others pushed on late into the night, really letting their hair down and enjoying the company and good vibes. As always a few shenanigans may have also gone down!


Sunday morning greeted us with another beautiful crisp start to the day. Up and at them for most of the crew, and ready to go for another day of riding. Some hadn’t explored all the riding from yesterday and some wanted to go out and re-do their favourite tracks again… and again. There were also a few dusty heads getting around that were looking for a slower start to the morning. The coffee van appeared to be the most popular spot for the sore head crowd! There was no slow start for me this time, although it was tempting to have that one too many the night before!

Wrapping Up:

So, after another fun day of riding the time inevitably comes to pack up. With rolled up swag, pulled down quick shade and packed up gear bag , I awaited my ride home. All in all, my first experience of a Jemma Wilson Trail Ride event was nothing short of an awesome time! Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. It was so good to see a few ladies that I used to race with “back in the day” (10+ years warrants that saying yeah ?) And I can’t wait for the next event! - Jena"

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