2021 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Proud to Support  |  26 May 2021

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Another DGR under the belt. If you have not heard of it before it is the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. It is a themed ride connecting niche motorcycle enthusiasts and communities whilst raising funds to support the men in our lives.

I have ridden in this event numerous times in the past always alongside my Dad. We always wanted to help the cause having known men/friends that have struggled with mental health and my grandfather having prostate cancer currently. Through this event, we have raised awareness and funds for the cause but most importantly it made us feel a part of a bigger community than we realised we had. To me this year I hold these connections so dear.

I just lost my father only 3 weeks ago and I arrived this year at DGR alone. But when I took my helmet off and stepped off my Dad's Triumph Street Scrambler, I knew I was not alone. Surrounded by Dapper men and women with welcoming smiles on their faces it let the loneliness slide away. Showing up to one of these events gives you a sense of pride and warm fuzzies knowing that you are about to be surrounded by like-minded people and friends. Friends you didn’t know before the event… that’s what this motorcycling community does.

Standing around dressed all Dapper around an array of beautiful machines is something so cool to experience. The bikes themselves hold so much beauty, not only for their looks but for the culture they represent. They are an expression of oneself and each of them has an owner that has many stories to tell about them.

This year’s event on the Gold Coast was the best by far. Generously organised by Jon Gibson and his helpful crew. Starting at Miami Marketta we were treated to food trucks, Coffee Vans, and time to socialize before the ride. The ride took us firstly parading down the Gold Coast Highway from Miami all the way down to Currumbin. A chance to show off to the Gold Coast people really and they loved it. Locals and others that saw us ride by were often seen quickly trying to get their phones out to capture the good-looking crew. They actually had plenty of time to get a pic as there were about 300 riders taking part and sprawling for a few kilometers down the road! 

Shout out to for bevpic capturing the moment.

Once we got into Currumbin we did a brief ride by the Currumbin esplanade taking in the sights of one of the Gold Coasts most beautiful beaches before heading into the beautiful Currumbin Valley where we had the opportunity to stretch our legs (and right-hand wrists). Currumbin Valley then into Tallebudgera Valley and back into Miami.

Upon arriving back to Miami Marketta we were again treated to more food trucks and coffee was replaced by ‘Young Henrys’ Beers. I could not help myself but enjoy some of the freshly shucked Oysters from ‘Island Oyster bar’ - it would be rude not to!  Whilst the presentations and banter were rolling. The day didn’t end there as the band started up next.

What a day! It was great to bump into fellow MXStore friends, Pete, Cara and Kat all playing our role to help a great cause.

Fun Facts

  • DGR started in 2012 and had been gaining huge momentum ever since.
  • In 2012 there were 3,000 riders and in 64 cities.
  • ​last year in 2020 there were 56,000 riders across 2,531 cities in 171 countries!  This year more!.
  • So far the Gold Coast ride alone has raised over $33k and donations are still rolling in.
  • Funds are invested in the Movember Foundation which is the worlds largest men’s health organisation. 
  • To donate visit Jena's Ride for Ross Fundraiser

Stay dapper- Jena


Comments (5)


That’s exactly what your dad would have wanted you to do

Sharon Heap on 28 May 2021

Impressive work

Well done Jena , a very professional piece that captured the essence of the cause as well as the sense of camaraderie we all share and love ,

mark on 27 May 2021

Heart felt congratulations

What a wonderful organisation and a beautifully written piece Thank you Regards Evelyne

Evelyne on 27 May 2021

Perfectly written

Every single thing you do is perfection. Dad would be so proud of you ❤

Abby on 26 May 2021


Nice work Jena. Good to see females representing males and for such a good cause.

Jodi on 26 May 2021

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