MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Nick Sutherland

Privateer Spotlight  |  20 April 2016

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MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Nick Sutherland



Tell us a bit about who you are and what your plans are for the coming season?

My name’s Nick Sutherland, i’ve come off a few injuries during supercross last year and a little injury during toowoomba motocross last year, so my plan is for this year to build myself up and get a platform going while having no expectations early on. I’ve had to get over all off those injuries and i’ve still got a little bit of fear in me at the moment so it’s more or less just training, riding and getting over that gradually getting myself back into it. Horsham was pretty disappointing, definitely not what I has hoping for or even expecting, it’s probably the worst i’ve ever done at a national so it’s not going to be hard to improve on that. I just need to get myself back into the top ten, I feel like on my good day I can be a top 5 guy, so that’s the plan just get in the top ten for the moment and then keep working from there.

What’s your weekly routine involve?

My weekly routine is I go to the races on the weekend and then usually go home and get back into work monday. Me & another mate have a little concreting business together so we just do that during the week. We are both pretty lenient with what we do so I try to take a day off during the week to get out riding at a local track, we have a fair few around home. Then in the afternoons I do my training and just fit it all in as much as possible. So that’s about my life just riding training & work.

What did you have to do to get here and how hard it is to compete with factory riders?

For me to get here, I have a good bunch of personal sponsors that help me out so, so much and without those guys i’d be stuck. So that helps he so much to get here, but I still have to work a lot during the week to cover all my expenses because obviously riding motorbikes isn’t cheap. So yeah it’s definitely hard to compete with the guys that are full time but I feel like I can put enough time into my riding to be up there and as good so definitely no excuse, I just need to keep charging along and hopefully we’ll get there.

What are your goals for the year and what do you hope to get out of racing the nationals?

Like I said earlier on I want to get through the season uninjured because i’ve had a terrible run lately just rushing into things. So I want to be patient, take my time, not do anything stupid and work my way into the top 10. It would be unreal to start getting some top 5’s so that’s my goal. As for what iI want to get out of racing the nationals, it’s all about self satisfaction I just want to do good for myself, i’m not here to next year get paid 80 grand or whatever i’m just here for me to do good so that’s the plan.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I want to thank Ben & Baden Blanchette and Glen Poole, without those three guys it definitely wouldn’t be happening this year. They came on late and put it all together for me and helped me out. I’ve got a bunch of other personal sponsors that have looked after me year after year. I appreciate all the help they have always given me in helping me get to the races.


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