MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Trent Wheatley

Privateer Spotlight  |  12 April 2016

MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Trent Wheatley main image

MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Trent Wheatley


In this edition of the MXstore Privateer Spotlight we catch up with the MX2 athlete from dubbo Trent Wheatley.

Read below to learn more about Trent as he takes on the Motul MX Nationals in 2016.



How are you feeling about the 2016 opener?

I feel good! Working full time I don’t have as much time to ride as I did last year. I’ve been working for a plumber in town and I'm 1st year apprentice there! I didn't actually decide to do the first round until about February, and just keen to see how I go and do a few other rounds during the year. 


Is it just you and your dad putting your bike together and driving to the races?

Yeah Dad and I are doing all of the bike work, but Mum and my girlfriend come as well too see what goes on.

What's your setup like?

My setup’s good! My suspensions handling awesome, the bikes got plenty of power, probably more than I can ask for. Can’t complain really, plus I can throw a mean whip on it!


Do you currently work or go to school during the week?

I’m a full time apprentice for Custom Plumbing & Gas Fitting in Dubbo. We travel a lot and work out of town a fair bit so that makes it hard to ride and train as much as I’d like.


What are you future plans in the sport?

Everyone would like to be a pro and all that but realistically I’d be really happy if this year and over the next couple of years I could get some top 10’s. The depth of field here in Australia is getting so deep it’s almost too hard to expect anything out of it. 


Are there many decent places to ride near where you live?

We’ll I like to ride at my place which we have been developing since I was about 4 years old, my mates place just up the road from mine, Coonabarabran which is probably one of my favourite places to ride at! We also have a sand track that’s whooped out and hands down is one of the gnarliest tracks to ride.


What do you do for fitness training?

I try to run as much as I can and just ride, it’s difficult for us to do much more with a tight budget.


What do you like to do away from the track?

Away from the track I like to do a bit of shooting, hunting and riding my bmx. I really enjoy the bmx, it helps keep my flow and style up when I get back on my dirtbike. 


If you had one modification you could do to your bike to race nationals what would it be?

Oversized brakes for sure.


Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I’d like to thank Mum and Dad for helping me out through the years, Zero MX Graphics, DNC Body Graphics, Custom Plumbing & Gas Fitting and Mathews Motorcycles.


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