MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Cooper Pozniak

Privateer Spotlight  |  7 April 2016

MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Cooper Pozniak main image

MXstore Privateer Spotlight with Cooper Pozniak

Some of the hardest working dirt bike racers on any starting gate at any given event are the privateers. Not only are these aspiring future champions putting in the long hours at the gym and on the bike. They are usually juggling work and or school commitments too making the entire process of competing in events such as the MX Nationals that much tougher. In this edition of the MXstore Privateer Spotlight we catch up with the young MXD athlete from Newcastle Cooper Pozniak. Watch the video and read on to learn more about Cooper as he takes on the Motul MX Nationals in 2016.


How are you feeling about the 2016 opener of the MX Nationals at Horsham?

Really good, I've been training my ass off for the first round. I just want to go in and see what happens, I’m aiming for around a top 10 and then I want to work my way up from there.

Is it just you and your dad putting your bike together and driving to the races?

I'm getting some help from KTM Newcastle with bikes, parts and what not but it’s basically just my dad and I working on my bikes, putting them together. Dad’s driving to most of the races and then I'll drive home with him.

What's your setup like?

My setup is good this year I’ve just got some new forks and a different rear shock because I wasn’t happy with the stock suspension. But yeah I'm happy with it now.

Do you currently work or go to school during the week?

I'm flat out riding Motocross, training basically every day of the week and just working from there.

What are you future plans in the sport?

I want to win an U19 MX Nationals championship over here in Australia first and then I want to head to America and see what happens over there.

Are there many decent places to ride near where you live?

There are some half decent tracks where I live, I ride Appin on Tuesdays which is a 2.5 Hour drive from my house. I’ve got Brock McLeary’s house which I ride at a little bit and there is a few other mates places I ride at. It’s alright we are just struggling with rain at the moment because everything is so dry.

What do you do for fitness training?

I’m actually sponsored by a crossfit gym so I go there 4-5 days a week, in between that I do a bit of mountain biking and cycling.

What do you like to do away from the track?

Well, basically just hang out with my mates but they all ride so I just like to do that every weekend.

If you had one modification you could do to your bike to race nationals what would it be?


Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I’d like to thank KTM Newcastle, Mum and Dad, Lusty Industries, All Pro Racing, Willmax Graphics, CFX Seats & Fasthouse.

If you would like to get in touch with Cooper Regarding Sponsorship or Support: Simply contact him via Cooper Pozniak Facebook Page Or if you are a Privateer wanting the spotlight to be shone on you then contact MXstore's Customer Service Team here.