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Motocross News  |  15 July 2014

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AMA 2014 Outdoor Nationals Round 7 – Budd’s Creek.

450 MX

A hot summer’s day for motocross racing at Mechanicsville Maryland over the weekend again dominated by the Red Bull KTM team with Dungey taking the eventual win over Roczen after going 1- 2 each but Dungey winning the overall on countback.

Eli Tomac and Trey Canard continue their solid performances with Canard riding strong from the gate drop but fading out to another 4th which has been the norm for him this season.

Aussie Brett Metcalfe is still holding his own aboard Villo’s Kawasaki 450 finishing 8th overall but fellow Aussie Chad Reed had a tough weekend and was nowhere to be seen ending up in 34th behind Ronnie Mac, but knowing Reedy’s style he will surely be back at the front end again showing some of the grit which Aussies are renowned for.

450 MX Series Standings:

  • 1. Ken Roczen 327pts KTM
  • 2. Ryan Dungey 301pts KTM
  • 3. Trey Canard 264pts Hon
  • 4. James Stewart Jr. 212pts Suz
  • 5. Brett Metcalfe 192pts Kaw
  • 6. Josh Grant 186pts Yam
  • 7. Weston Peick 162pts Suz
  • 8. Andrew Short 161pts KTM
  • 9. Chad Reed 132pts Kaw
  • 10. Malcolm Stewart 128pts Hon


Dungey with the inside line off the start


250 MX

In the lites class the 2014 supercross champion showed some of the intensity he had indoors taking the win in the first moto and holding onto 3rd for the day.

A first turn pile up in moto 2 took out some of the big names early on but most of the usual suspects in the 250 class were out in front. Baggett took the overall win with Jeremy Martin going 2-2 showing a new composure after a bit of a slump in results of late.

Cooper Webb was slightly off the pace but took 5th adding valuable points to his championship pool. At the halfway point in the series the Yamaha team are the ones to beat and it is going to take a super human effort by anyone who wants to get inside the top 2 this year.

250 MX Series Standings:

  • 1. Jeremy Martin 294pts Yam
  • 2. Blake Baggett 267pts Kaw
  • 3. Cooper Webb 261pts Yam
  • 4. Justin Bogle 225pts Hon
  • 5. Christophe Pourcel 211pts Yam
  • 6. Jason Anderson 206pts KTM
  • 7. Marvin Musquin 201pts KTM
  • 8. Cole Seely 166pts Hon
  • 9. Justin Hill 150pts Kaw
  • 10. Jessy Nelson 144pts Hon


Bagget rode solid again this weekend


FIM World Motocross Championship Round 13 – Hyvinkaa, Finland.

Italian KTM rider Antonio Cairoli dominates in Finland winning both motos while Jeremy Van Horebeek had a mixed weekend ending up in 4th overall while number 3 in the championship Clement Desalle is out with injury after being run over in a first turn pile up in the last round.

Aussie Dean Ferris turned some heads on the weekend aboard his Husky 350 in the 450 class. It is great to see the quiet achiever from Kyogle NSW back on the world stage and we can only assume he will be putting his 350 in front of a lot more riders in weeks to come!<


MXGP Series Standings:

  • 1. Antonio Cairoli 577pts KTM
  • 2. Jeremy Van Horebeek 515pts Yam
  • 3. Clement Desalle 470pts Suz
  • 4. Kevin Strijbos 424pts Suz
  • 5. Steven Frossard 307pts Kaw
  • 6. Shaun Simpson 296pts KTM
  • 7. Max Nagl 269pts Hon
  • 8. David Philippaerts 234pts Yam
  • 9. Davide Guarneri 218pts TM
  • 10. Gautier Paulin 205pts Kaw


Cairoli claiming another holeshot on his 350


Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian Motocross Nationals Round 5 – Courtland:

Honda’s Colton Facciotti took a comfortable win over a list of AMA riders including Chisholm, Kiniry and Josh Hill. Mike Alessi took 18th in the first moto but came back for the win in the second putting him in 8th overall.

Colton’s consistency is proving to be a little too much for Alessi’s championship hopes at the moment as there is now a 28 point gap between 1st and 2nd in the 450 class while the rest of the top 10 remain pretty close with 3rd to 7th place being separated by a mere 17 points.


MX1 Series Standings:

  • 1. Colton Facciotti 206pts Hon
  • 2. Mike Alessi 178pts Suz
  • 3. Tyler Medaglia 157pts KTM
  • 4. Teddy Maier 150pts Kaw
  • 5. Kyle Chisholm 147pts Yam
  • 6. Josh Hill 146pts Kaw
  • 7. Bobby Kiniry 140pts Yam
  • 8. Morgan Burger 96pts Yam
  • 9. Dylan Kaelin 94pts Yam
  • 10. David Gassin 68pts Yam


Monster Energy Australian MX Nationals Round 7 – Conondale:


KTM’s Kirk Gibbs has been showing some lightening pace of late taking the win from championship leader Matt Moss who finished second on his Suzuki.

CDR Yamaha’s Billy Mackenzie proved to have the hard pack Conondale circuit dialled in finishing in a solid 3rd overall in front of Monea and Ben Townley While Kade Mosig was off the pace in 12th for the day.

A surprise announcement from Jay Marmont after holeshotting the first moto revealed news of his retirement at the end of the racing season. A household name in Australian MX and SX will be missed but with wave after wave of fresh young talent coming through it only makes room for more new faces to be added to the mix.

MX1 Series Standings:

  • 1. Matt Moss 550pts
  • 2. Kirk Gibbs 532pts
  • 3. Billy Mackenzie 482pts
  • 4. Adam Monea 475pts
  • 5. Jake Moss 420pts
  • 6. Kade Mosig 386pts
  • 7. Jacob Wright 364pts
  • 8. Hayden Mellross 357pts
  • 9. Rhys Carter 351pts
  • 10. Brock Winston 345pts


Check out the retro look for CDR Yamaha from Conondale over the weekend, trick!

Check out the retro look for CDR Yamaha from Conondale over the weekend, trick!

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