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Motocross News  |  14 April 2015

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Monster Energy Supercross Round 14 - NRG Stadium - Houston, TX

450 Main Event:

Another massive holeshot by Andrew short and not a bad race which saw him finish in 6th place after he binned it on the second turn a few weeks back in the main! FOX racing's Ryan Dungey didn’t get the best of starts maybe battling with the nerves at the idea of wrapping up the championship and KTM’s first 450 AMA supercross title!

Cole Seely also started well and made a first lap pass on short and dropped the hammer to try to extend his lead on the pack. Dungey was caught up in the pack and in the middle of a battle between Barcia and Millsaps but would eventually get through thanks to a small crash between Reed and Anderson. The track held together well and the racing was super close through the pack, all apart from Seely who won his first ever 450 main event with a 9 second lead. Dungey rode hard and made it into 2nd which was enough to clinch his second AMA 450 supercross championship!


Dungey is going to need to change that 5 to a 1 on hs jersey!

Dungey is going to need to change that 5 to a 1 on hs jersey!


450 Results:

  • 1. Cole Seely Hon
  • 2. Ryan Dungey KTM
  • 3. Eli Tomac Hon
  • 4. Josh Grant Kaw
  • 5. Chad Reed Kaw
  • 6. Andrew Short KTM
  • 7. Davi Millsaps Kaw
  • 8. Broc Tickle Suz
  • 9. Justin Barcia Yam
  • 10. Justin Brayton KTM
  • 11. Blake Baggett Suz
  • 12. Kyle Chisholm Kaw
  • 13. Nick Wey Kaw
  • 14. Mitchell Oldenburg Yam
  • 15. Ben Lamay Hus
  • 16. Jason Anderson Hus
  • 17. Kyle Partridge Hon
  • 18. Tevin Tapia Suz
  • 19. Dustin Pipes Suz
  • 20. Killy Rusk Yam
  • 21. Nick Schmidt Suz
  • 22. Weston Peick Yam


250 Main Event:

Troy Lee Designs KTM rider Shane Mcelrath took the holeshot and was off to an early lead with Webb a few places back with a bit of work to do. Webb was on the hunt and chased him down with 7 laps to go. Shane held tough but couldn’t hold off Webb who would eventually make the pass stick and clear out in the lead.

Malcolm Stewart fought a good fight and ended up on the third step of the podium but it was Cooper Webb’s night who took the win and wrapped up the championship in fine form. Not a bad effort for a 19 year old who isn’t even old enough to buy a beer in the USA!


Webb wrapped it up in Houston!

Webb wrapped it up in Houston!


250 Results:

  • 1. Cooper Webb Yam
  • 2. Shane McElrath KTM
  • 3. Malcolm Stewart Hon
  • 4. Aaron Plessinger Yam
  • 5. Alex Martin Yam
  • 6. Justin Hill KTM
  • 7. Zach Osborne Hus
  • 8. Matt Bisceglia Hon
  • 9. Chris Alldredge Kaw
  • 10. Tommy Hahn Hon
  • 11. Josh Hansen Kaw
  • 12. Jackson Richardson Hon
  • 13. Cole Martinez Yam
  • 14. Scott Champion Yam
  • 15. Trevor Reis Yam
  • 16. Ryan Breece Yam
  • 17. Johnny Jelderda Hon
  • 18. Aaron Siminoe Kaw
  • 19. Rhett Urseth Kaw
  • 20. Chris Howell Yam
  • 21. Tyler Bowers Kaw
  • 22. Austin Politelli Yam


Australian MX Nationals Round 2, Appin – NSW

MX1 Overall:

The 2014 MXN champion Matt Moss had a point to prove after a disappointing first round in Horsham after taking 14th for the day and a few bumps and bruises. Mossy was looking for the holeshot in moto 1 as Appin is considered his home track so the advantage was his. But a big crash in the first turn put an end to his day after being taken to hospital for some scans.

A number of riders were involved in the first turn altercation including Reardon and round 1 winner Kirk Gibbs. Bopping lead for a number of laps but would eventually give the lead to Mosig who rode solid on his Yamaha. Moto 2 saw Reardon get a better start and the moto win with Gibbs not far behind in second. It was a win a piece for the Yamaha team mates but the countback would see Mosig on the top step and winner of round 2 in Appin in the MX1 class.


With Mossy out the championship really has opened up! Mosig will be a contender after another solid ride and win at Appin.

With Mossy out the championship really has opened up! Mosig will be a contender after another solid ride and win at Appin.


MX1 Results:

  • 1. Kade Mosig 63
  • 2. Kirk Gibbs 62
  • 3. Luke Styke 62
  • 4. Daniel Reardon 60
  • 5. Jesse Dobson 54
  • 6. Lawson Bopping 51
  • 7. Adam Monea 46
  • 8. Dylan Long 46
  • 9. Kale Makeham 45
  • 10. Cody Cooper 43
  • 11. Daniel McCoy 39
  • 12. Aaron Tanti 38
  • 13. John Phillips 37
  • 14. Daniel McEntee 34
  • 15. Darcy Jones 32
  • 16. Izak Maule 29
  • 17. Daniel Banks 29
  • 18. Charlie White 25
  • 19. Damon Batterson 21
  • 20. Scott Green 20


MX2 Overall:

Riders faced some tough conditions on Sunday with a well prepped track which turned into rut city. There was definitely no dust on the track which was ripped and watered heavily and riders ended up covered in mud after a few laps.

Jay Wilson was looking good in Moto 1 on his JCR Yamaha and took the moto win with 2014 champion Luke Clout not far behind in second after he stalled his bike and lost thelead. Round 1 winner Jed Beaton didn’t have the best start and had to come from well back in the pack.

Takeshi Katsuya had a shocking first lap in the first moto crashing 3 times but would finish the race and save a bit of face in the second moto for 5h4 overall on the day. Clout had a good finish to the day taking the overall win regaining the red plate as the series leader ahead of Wilson and Beaton. Series contender Caleb Ward retired in the first race from an injured knee which proved too painful to ride with which may be the end of his 2015 championship hopes. Fingers crossed it isn’t too serious for Caleb!


Clout took the win and the championship lead at Appin.

Clout took the win and the championship lead at Appin.


MX2 Results:

  • 1. Luke Clout 67
  • 2. Jay Wilson 67
  • 3. Nathan Crawford 58
  • 4. Jed Beaton 53
  • 5. Takeshi Katsuya 51
  • 6. Rhys Carter 50
  • 7. Wade Hunter 49
  • 8. Dylan Wills 47
  • 9. Hamish Harwood 46
  • 10. Dylan Leary 40
  • 11. Luke Arbon 38
  • 12. Dylan Gosling 38
  • 13. Jack Simpson 32
  • 14. Joel Wightman 32
  • 15. Luke Wilson 28
  • 16. Kyle Webster 28
  • 17. Riley Graham 25
  • 18. Alex Morris 25
  • 19. Keiron Hall 21

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