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Motocross News  |  31 March 2015

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AMA Supercross Round 13 - Edward Jones Domes - St. Louis, MO

450 Main Event:

Another massive holeshot by Andrew Short followed by a massive crash at the end of the first laneway. Short when off the track and cartwheeled in a spectacular crash but managed to get to his feet, clearly shaken but seemingly injury free.

Fox MX rider Ryan Dungey avoided the wreckage and took off to a comfortable lead. Like so many races this season the KTM rider settled into a smooth pace and earned a commanding lead.

Eli Tomac was flying! After a less than perfect start Eli was one of the fastest riders on the track, quickly making passes on Seely and Anderson to land himself on the 2nd step of the podium with Anderson in 3rd.


his scene seems to be duplicating itself a lot every week at the supercross lately!

This scene seems to be duplicating itself a lot every week at the supercross lately!


450 Results:

  • 1. Ryan Dungey KTM
  • 2. Eli Tomac Hon
  • 3. Jason Anderson Hus
  • 4. Cole Seely Hon
  • 5. Weston Peick Yam
  • 6. Josh Grant Kaw
  • 7. Davi Millsaps Kaw
  • 8. Chad Reed Kaw
  • 9. Broc Tickle Suz
  • 10. Blake Baggett Suz
  • 11. Kyle Chisholm Kaw
  • 12. Nick Wey Kaw
  • 13. Phil Nicoletti Yam
  • 14. Nick Schmidt Suz
  • 15. Ben Lamay Hus
  • 16. Adam Enticknap Hon
  • 17. Tony Archer Kaw
  • 18. Justin Brayton KTM
  • 19. Killy Rusk Yam
  • 20. Ronnie Stewart Suz
  • 21. Kyle Partridge Hon
  • 22. Andrew Short KTM


250 Main Event:

Jeremy Martin got the start he’s been missing out on for the past few weeks but Musquin was all over him in the second turn, the lead changed a number of times in the first lap before Marvin made the pass stick and would edge away from Martin.

The battle was on down the pack with Jordan Smith working hard to get past the number 1 of Justin Bogle. Smith would tag his rear wheel and drop the bike in a turn only to have a bunch of other riders run over his bike creating a bottle neck of fallen riders.

Musquin had clear track and for the 4th time the KTM team took the win in both classes and the orange bikes seem to have the winning formula locked down in the Supercross for 2015 with only a few rounds left to run before the AMA heads outdoors!


Marvin loved the ruts on the track on the weekend!

Marvin loved the ruts on the track on the weekend!


250 Results:

  • 1. Marvin Musquin KTM
  • 2. Jeremy Martin Yam
  • 3. Joey Savatgy Kaw
  • 4. Justin Bogle Hon
  • 5. Anthony Rodriguez Yam
  • 6. Jimmy Decotis Hon
  • 7. Luke Renzland Yam
  • 8. Kyle Cunningham Hon
  • 9. Jace Owen Hon
  • 10. Kyle Peters Hon
  • 11. Dakota Alix KTM
  • 12. Daniel Herrlein Hon
  • 13. Jordon Smith Hon
  • 14. AJ Catanzaro Suz
  • 15. Zack Williams Hon
  • 16. Colt Nichols Hon
  • 17. Mitchell Oldenburg Yam
  • 18. Taylor Potter Hon
  • 19. Preston Mull Yam
  • 20. Levi Kilbarger Yam
  • 21. Shawn Rife KTM
  • 22. Justin Starling Yam


Australian MX Nationals Rd1 – Horsham, Victoria

The much anticipated MX Nationals kicked off in Victoria over the weekend with the race team Semi trailers heading to Horsham and its hard packed surface.

Some team changes for riders in both classes and a lot of riders motivated to prove a point after switching camps but in the MX1 class the favourite was definitely Matt Moss on the Suzuki.

MX1 Overall:

Last year’s championship winner Matt Moss didn’t have the best run in to the season with a shoulder injury hindering his preparation and an early crash at Horsham rattled Mossy after hitting his head. He would ride the remainder of the day in pain and could only manage a 14th overall and has some serious catching up to do to get back in the points hunt.

The standout all day was Kirk Gibbs with a near perfect day winning both moto’s but just missing out on Super Pole to Ford dale who posted the fastest time.

Honourable mention to Kade Mosig who is looking fit and fast who ended up in second for the day on his CDR Yamaha. The season is just going to get more interesting as round 2 is hosted at Appin which is Mossy’s home turf but with his injury and the stacked field the series could go any way at this stage!


MX1 MXstore holeshot winner Luke Styke!

MX1 MXstore holeshot winner Luke Styke!


MX1 overall results:

  • 1. Kirk Gibbs 70
  • 2. Kade Mosig 62
  • 3. Luke Styke 58
  • 4. Lawson Bopping 56
  • 5. Cody Cooper 55
  • 6. Adam Monea 49
  • 7. Dylan Long 47
  • 8. Ford Dale 45
  • 9. Cheyne Boyd 40
  • 10. Jesse Dobson 40
  • 11. Kale Makeham 40
  • 12. Daniel McEntee 35
  • 13. Matt Moss 34
  • 14. Aaron Tanti 32
  • 15. Nick Murray 30
  • 16. Daniel McCoy 29
  • 17. Darcy Jones 27
  • 18. Daniel Reardon 26
  • 19. Daniel Banks 24
  • 20. Tyson Whillas 23


MX2 Overall:

The lites class is becoming a breeding ground for talented riders with a stacked field again this year lead by the Serco Yamaha duo of Rookie Jed Beaton and 2014 champion Luke Clout. Jay Wilson is showing some form already with a solid finish after being picked up by Josh Coppins Racing Yamaha team after his contract ended with Serco in 2014. On top of this there is Veteran Takeshi Katsuya who finished the day in 3rd and other hard chargers being Nathan Crawford and Caleb Ward. Ward struggled a little on the hard packed surface but is sure to shine on the sand of Coolum and anywhere there is heavy loam!

Special mention for Dee Wilson #10 who suffered a heavy crash in the MXD class. Although his condition is stable, Dee remains in an induced coma at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Stay strong Dee! Sending the Wilson family support and best wishes during this tough time!


MX2 MXstore holeshot winner Dylan Wills!

MX2 MXstore holeshot winner Dylan Wills!


MX2 overall results:

  • 1. Jed Beaton 65
  • 2. Luke Clout 63
  • 3. Takeshi Katsuya 62
  • 4. Jay Wilson 60
  • 5. Nathan Crawford 51
  • 6. Wade Hunter 46
  • 7. Dylan Wills 46
  • 8. Caleb Ward 45
  • 9. Luke Arbon 44
  • 10. Riley Graham 44
  • 11. Rhys Carter 43
  • 12. Hamish Harwood 36
  • 13. Geran Stapleton 36
  • 14. Dylan Leary 35
  • 15. Joel Wightman 32
  • 16. Jack Simpson 32
  • 17. Tom Jones 24
  • 18. Dylan Gosling 21
  • 19. Luke Wilson 18
  • 20. Alex Morris 18


FIM World Motocross Championship Round 3 - Neuquen - Patagonia, Argentina

MXGP Overall:

The MXGP headed to Argentina this week to the loamy Patagonian racetrack which weaved its way through a Neuquen forrest!

After Cairoli took a convincing win in the heat race over Thor MX rider Ryan Villopoto and Nagl, the first race would pan out a little differently with Desalle racing off to an early lead and Cairoli crashing trying to chase him down. Cairoli would remount and finish in 3rd and subsequently take a third in the second race in front of Villo who went 4-4.

Nagl who said he was struggling with finding smooth lines and feeling uncomfortable in the qualifier race ended up taking a 2nd and a 1st to win the overall in front of Desalle. From there most riders had similar finishes in both moto’s with an honourable mention to Todd Waters taking home a 9th for the day!


Nagl stoked with the win in Argentina!

Nagl stoked with the win in Argentina!


MXGP Results:

  • 1. Max Nagl 20-25 Hus
  • 2. Clement Desalle 25-20 Suz
  • 3. Antonio Cairoli 22-22 KTM
  • 4. Ryan Villopoto 18-18 Kaw
  • 5. Gautier Paulin 15-14 Hon
  • 6. Jeremy Van Horebeek 12-16 Yam
  • 7. Romain Febvre 13-15 Yam
  • 8. Evgeny Bobryshev 16-11 Hon
  • 9. Todd Waters 10-12 Hus
  • 10. Glenn Coldenhoff 7-13 Suz
  • 11. Davide Guarneri 11-9 TM
  • 12. Ken de Dycker 9-10 KTM
  • 13. Christophe Charlier 14-5 Hon
  • 14. Steven Frossard 8-8 KTM
  • 15. Nathan Watson 5-7 Hus
  • 16. Shaun Simpson 6-3 KTM
  • 17. David Philippaerts 1-6 Yam
  • 18. Tyla Rattray 4-1 Kaw
  • 19. Dean Ferris 0-4 Hus
  • 20. Jose Butron 2-2 KTM


MX2 Overall:

Jeffery Herlings continued his perfect season by taking a comfortable win in the Qualifying race but a not so prfect start in the first moto left him a little buried in the pack. Not waiting around for anyone Herlings put the hammer down to make some passes but came unstuck over one of the big rhythm sections and had a massive cartwheel of a crash, narrowly avoiding being run over by half the pack in the process.

Jeffrey got up holding his wrist and limping a little, he would retire from the first race but would come back to win the second moto. Herlings now sits in equal first in the championship with Dylan Ferrandis but after such a horror end to 2014 Herlings will be happy just to be uninjured!


Herlings getting ready to take a good look at the Argentina soil.

Herlings getting ready to take a good look at the Argentina soil.


MX2 Results:

  • 1. Dylan Ferrandis 25-22 Kaw
  • 2. Pauls Jonass 22-20 KTM
  • 3. Jeremy Seewer 16-16 Suz
  • 4. Thomas Covington 14-14 Kaw
  • 5. Tim Gajser 9-18 Hon
  • 6. Aleksandr Tonkov 11-15 Hus
  • 7. Jeffrey Herlings 0-25 KTM
  • 8. Adam Sterry 10-10 KTM
  • 9. Max Anstie 20-0 Kaw
  • 10. Brian Bogers 6-13 KTM
  • 11. Julien Lieber 18-0 Yam
  • 12. Petar Petrov 7-9 KTM
  • 13. Benoit Paturel 13-3 Yam
  • 14. Vsevolod Brylyakov 8-7 Hon
  • 15. Valentin Guillod 15-0 Yam
  • 16. Ben Watson 5-8 KTM
  • 17. Ivo Monticelli 0-12 KTM
  • 18. Brent Van Doninck 12-0 Yam
  • 19. Jens Getteman 0-11 Hon
  • 20. Roberts Justs 3-6 KTM


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