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Motocross News  |  26 February 2015

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AMA Supercross Round 8 - Georgia Dome - Atlanta Georgia

450 Main Event:

A super tough weekend for early series leader and FOX MX rider Ken Roczen. Unfortunately Kenny took a nasty spill early on which resulted in him flying off the track and hitting a wall before crashing hard. How Roczen didn’t break a bone remains a mystery, but all we can put it down to is his protective gear and his FOX Instinct boots!

Kenny Emerged in pain but continued on to race the main event. A poor start though saw him buried in the pack and a number of laps into the main while trying to work his way back up through the field Roczen came unstuck again through the whoops and was ejected from his RM-Z 450 in another spectacular crash. Again Kenny got up, shook himself off and finished the race in 18th. Such a gritty ride and a true indication of just what riders go through when chasing a championship win.

On the other side of the coin Chad Reed came out of the gates swinging! Although heading into the first corner a few spots down, his inside line saw him take the holeshot on the turn exit and launch into an early lead. From there Reed didn’t put a foot wrong as he lead the entire 20 laps, even lapping Davi Millsaps who finished in 12th place.

Dungey and Canard Rounded out the podium and Canard moves just in front of Roczen into second in the championship.

Reed moments before dominating the main!

Reed moments before dominating the main!


450 Results:

  • 1. Chad Reed Kaw
  • 2. Ryan Dungey KTM
  • 3. Trey Canard Hon
  • 4. Cole Seely Hon
  • 5. Weston Peick Yam
  • 6. Broc Tickle Suz
  • 7. Jason Anderson Hus
  • 8. Blake Baggett Suz
  • 9. Andrew Short KTM
  • 10. Josh Grant Kaw
  • 11. Phil Nicoletti Yam
  • 12. Davi Millsaps Kaw
  • 13. Mike Alessi Suz
  • 14. Josh Hill Yam
  • 15. Jake Weimer Kaw
  • 16. Kyle Chisholm Kaw
  • 17. Nick Wey Kaw
  • 18. Ken Roczen Suz
  • 19. Zack Freeberg Yam
  • 20. Eli Tomac Hon
  • 21. Ronnie Stewart Suz
  • 22. Cade Clason Hon


250 Main Event:

Martin Davalos blasted out of the gate on his Husky for the holeshot, Bogle drifted wide on the exit of the turn and shut the door on Jeremy Martin. Martin dropped back to around 10th after the first straight and definitely had his work cut out for him!

Davalos seemed to lose rhythm as the pack closed in on him and a four way battle emerged for the lead. Martin was on the charge though and picked his way through the four riders to take his second AMA supercross win of his career.

Davalos could not hold the others off and was slowly picked off by series leader Marvin Musquin and Justin Bogle. Martin now moves to 4 points behind Marvin with Bogle only 1 point behind in 3rd place. With the top 3 riders looking on point, the east coast championship is starting to heat up heading into Atlanta #2 At the Georgia Dome. Get ready for all of the old school bikes and gear as it is 90’s theme!

Can Martin build on this week and hunt down Musquin?

Can Martin build on this week and hunt down Musquin?


250 Results:

  • 1. Jeremy Martin Yam
  • 2. Marvin Musquin KTM
  • 3. Justin Bogle Hon
  • 4. Martin Davalos Hus
  • 5. Joey Savatgy Kaw
  • 6. Vince Friese Hon
  • 7. Matt Lemoine Kaw
  • 8. Anthony Rodriguez Yam
  • 9. RJ Hampshire Hon
  • 10. Arnaud Tonus Kaw
  • 11. Mitchell Oldenburg Yam
  • 12. Gannon Audette Kaw
  • 13. Kyle Peters Hon
  • 14. Dakota Alix KTM
  • 15. Brady Kiesel Hon
  • 16. Jimmy Decotis Hon
  • 17. Nick Gaines Kaw
  • 18. Justin Starling Yam
  • 19. Jace Owen Hon
  • 20. Daniel Herrlein Hon
  • 21. Levi Kilbarger Yam
  • 22. Zack Williams Hon

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