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Motocross News  |  18 February 2015

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Round 7 - AT&T Stadium - Arlington, TX

450 Main Event

No major changes to the line-up for the premier class as the series heads west which signifies the commencement of an entirely new series for the 250 class.

Track conditions have changed from the earlier rounds where riders met a lot of slippery hard packed surfaces which made it easy to lose traction or tuck the front end. Arlington presented a dryer and softer surface which in turn began to rut out towards the end of the night but provided plenty of grip.

Too much grip for Monster Kawasaki Thor MX rider Davi Millsaps as he looped the bike and crashed over one of the wall obstacles designed to slow riders down. The awkward fall looked painful for Millsaps who would end up in 20th. Weston Peick took a first turn spill too and did not finish the race.

Aussie Chad Reed was clipped through a turn by Alpinestars rider Eli Tomac which knocked him out of the top 10, then a crash soon after from Tomac put him in 7th place overall.

Kenny Roczen didn’t get the best start but rode a solid main working his way through to 2nd place. Nobody could match Dungey’s pace all night though as Ryan took the holeshot and dominated the entire main event for a seemingly comfortable win aboard his KTM.


KTM Clean sweeps Arlington!

KTM Clean sweeps Arlington!


450 Results:

  • 1. Ryan Dungey KTM
  • 2. Ken Roczen Suz
  • 3. Trey Canard Hon
  • 4. Blake Baggett Suz
  • 5. Andrew Short KTM
  • 6. Jason Anderson Hus
  • 7. Eli Tomac Hon
  • 8. Josh Grant Kaw
  • 9. Broc Tickle Suz
  • 10. Cole Seely Hon
  • 11. Chad Reed Kaw
  • 12. Josh Hill Yam
  • 13. Phil Nicoletti Yam
  • 14. Jake Weimer Kaw
  • 15. Nick Wey Kaw
  • 16. Jimmy Albertson Yam
  • 17. Kyle Partridge Hon
  • 18. Mike Alessi Suz
  • 19. Tony Archer Kaw
  • 20. Davi Millsaps Kaw
  • 21. Nick Schmidt Suz
  • 22. Weston Peick Yam


250 Main Event:

Round 1 for the 250 East championship with an entirely new field lead by Justin Bogle with the number 1 plate from 2014. Other big names in 250 west are 2014 AMA 250 Motocross champion Jeremy Martin and Marvin Musquin on the KTM.

Musquin stole the holeshot and was riding fast and smooth even after a year off in 2014 until a red flag was raised for a fallen rider, Kyle Cunningham who face planted into the backside of the finish line lander. Kyle was ok but would not finish the race and a staggered restart took place with Musquin taking off again into the lead.

From there the battles took place for the minor positions as Musquin rode a faultless race and was never challenged. Bogle took 2nd and Jeremy Martin finished just off the podium in 4th


Marvin with a celebratory heel clicker

Marvin with a celebratory heel clicker


250 Results:

  • 1. Marvin Musquin KTM
  • 2. Justin Bogle Hon
  • 3. Joey Savatgy Kaw
  • 4. Jeremy Martin Yam
  • 5. Matt Lemoine Kaw
  • 6. Vince Friese Hon
  • 7. RJ Hampshire Hon
  • 8. Arnaud Tonus Kaw
  • 9. Martin Davalos Hus
  • 10. Kyle Peters Hon
  • 11. Colt Nichols Hon
  • 12. Luke Renzland Yam
  • 13. Anthony Rodriguez Yam
  • 14. Justin Starling Yam
  • 15. Jimmy Decotis Hon
  • 16. Zack Williams Hon
  • 17. Daniel Herrlein Hon
  • 18. Gannon Audette Kaw
  • 19. AJ Catanzaro Suz
  • 20. Dakota Alix KTM
  • 21. Mitchell Oldenburg Yam
  • 22. Kyle Cunningham Hon


Jeffrey Herlings Road to Recovery:

After dominating the past 2 years in the MX2 FIM World Motocross Championship, Jeffrey Herlings luck ran out when he broke his femur in the middle of 2014 at a charity event. Missing the rest of the season and losing the championship after having over a 100 point lead on second place.

The first round of the FIM 2015 championship takes place in Qatar on February 28, and for the first time in 3 years Herlings is heading into the race without the expectation of not only winning, but winning by a huge margin.

Herlings underwent his last operation just over 2 months ago and hasn’t long been on the bike for the first time in 6 months. This injury saw Herlings in hospital for a few weeks and numerous operations took its toll on his mental and physical health.

But Herlings is optimistic for the 2015 season saying the new approach to the season opener to complete the race safe and secure as many points as possible is the goal, and any result inside the top 5 he will be happy with.

Keep an eye out for Herlings in the MX2 class on February 28 and of course AMA champion Ryan Villopoto in the MXGP as he takes on the world stage for the first time at Qatar!

Herlings training for Qatar

Herlings training for Qatar

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