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Motocross News  |  21 October 2014

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Monster Energy Cup Sam Boyd Stadium - Las Vegas, Nevada.

The much anticipated Monster Energy Cup was met with some mixed opinions as some of the biggest names in the AMA were notably missing. The likes of Ryan Villopoto and James “Bubba” Stewart would not participate much to the protest of their fans. But with some great talent still in attendance and plenty of riders lining up on a different bike for the first time the Monster cup still went off with a bang.

Monster Cup Main Event:

The three race format saw an early favourite in Trey Canard who won the first two moto’s and was looking like the likely contender for the $1 million if he could hang on and win the final race.

Although Canard had ridden a flawless 20 laps in the first two races a less than perfect start saw Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson snatch the holeshot in moto 3 preventing Trey from winning the prize of a new Pick-up truck if a rider took three holeshots.

Canard who was sitting in 4th quickly rounded up Tomac and Anderson with his sights set on Davi Millsaps for the win. After 5 laps though the slightest of mistakes saw Trey lose the front end on a hard pack turn crashing his way back into an eventual 3th place overall finish!

From there Monster Kawasaki Thor rider Millsaps stole the show and went on to win the moto and the overall which earned him a cool $100 thousand dollars and a massive confidence boost after an injury filled year aboard his KTM.


Millsaps leading moto three

Millsaps leading moto three


Cup Overall Results:

  • 1. Davi Millsaps 8pts Kaw
  • 2. Eli Tomac 9pts Hon
  • 3. Trey Canard 10pts Hon
  • 4. Ryan Dungey 16pts KTM
  • 5. Malcolm Stewart 21pts Hon
  • 6. Justin Hill 22pts KTM
  • 7. Jason Anderson 26pts Hus
  • 8. Jake Weimer 26pts Kaw
  • 9. Justin Barcia 28pts Yam
  • 10. Blake Baggett 34pts Suz
  • 11. Dean Wilson 37pts KTM
  • 12. Andrew Short 40pts KTM
  • 13. Justin Brayton 41pts KTM
  • 14. Josh Hill 41pts Kaw
  • 15. Weston Peick 43pts Yam
  • 16. Cooper Webb 44pts Yam
  • 17. Brett Metcalfe 45pts Kaw
  • 18. Dylan Ferrandis 47pts Kaw
  • 19. Chad Reed 51pts Kaw
  • 20. Zach Osborne 52pts Hus


Super Mini Class:

One of the more exciting classes to compete in the Monster Energy Cup is the Super Mini Class. Here some of the best junior riders in the country ride 85cc machines modified to a big wheel 105cc rocket.

The last 2 years this class has been dominated by Austin Faulkner who has now moved up a class. But this year’s standout was Mitchell Falk aboard his KTM and riding for Seven MX.

It is great to see the talent coming through this class with most of the field jumping all of the big triples and rhythm sections on their smaller bikes and the Monster Cup proves to be a stepping stone for the rising stars of the sport.


Falk dominating

Falk dominating


Super Mini Class Overall:

  • 1. Mitchell Falk 1-1 KTM
  • 2. Garett Marchbanks 2-3 Kaw
  • 3. Chase Sexton 4-2 Yam
  • 4. Carson Mumford 3-5 Kaw
  • 5. Derek Drake 5-6 KTM


Amateur All-Star Class:

The amateur all-stars is by far the biggest race on the calendar for riders wanting to progress into the pro class. It is where the Jeremy Martin’s are discovered as riders will train at development camps all year just for the chance to race this one event where all of the teams are on the lookout for the next big thing to roll through.

This year Aaron Plessinger took both the moto wins and by the looks of things has already been scooped up by the Answer Racing Yamaha team which blitzed the field in the AMA outdoors this year. Could Aaron be the next Cooper Webb? Time will tell.


Amateur All-Star Class Overall Results:

  • 1. Aaron Plessinger 1-1 Yam
  • 2. Darian Sanayei 2-3 Kaw
  • 3. Benny Bloss 3-4 Yam
  • 4. Jordon Smith 10-2 Hon
  • 5. Robbie Wageman 5-9 Yam


Best Whip Contest:

This year the format changed from years gone by, no longer was the main event held on the traditional metal ramp but now on the big triple jump on the SX track with a dirt take off.

This proved to be a little harder for the riders to get the whips out as the shape of the dirt provided less hang time than a metal ramp offers but none the less some dirt big whips were thrown and the Aussie Jarryd McNeil too his first ever Best Whip win after years of not quite making it onto the top step.

Style master Todd Potter didn’t land on the podium but went out and flipped the triple jump which he has been wanting to do for a long time. Potter greased it and was pumped on ticking that one off his bucket list.


McNeil Turn-up whip

McNeil Turn-up whip


Best Whip top 3:

  • Jarryd McNeil AUS
  • Beau Bamberg USA
  • Edgar Torrenteras ESP


Australian SX Rounds 3 and 4 – Phillip Island, Victoria.

The temperamental Victorian weather turned on some clear skies much to the delight of everyone who made the journey to Phillip Island for the weekend. The Moto GP provided the stage for the scaled down Australian SX championship to run its multi round format over the same weekend.

Not surprisingly after 2 nights of racing on the same course the eventual winners in both classes were exactly the same with Matt Moss winning both nights in the 450 class while USA import Gavin Faith took the double win in the 250 class.

Last week’s winner of the lites class Brendan Harrison had a less than fantastic weekend taking home a 5th and then an 8th on his 2 stroke. He is still in equal second in the series so let’s hope he can string together some good results in the next round and start knocking on Faith’s door for the championship!


SX1 championship standings:

  • 1. Matt MOSS 105
  • 2. Adam MONEA 92
  • 3. Lawson BOPPING 90
  • 4. Kirk GIBBS 84
  • 5. Sam MARTIN 74
  • 6. Jay MARMONT 72
  • 7. Jesse DOBSON 70
  • 8. Jake MOSS 68
  • 9. Josh CACHIA 66
  • 10. Kade MOSIG 65


SX2 championship standings:

  • 1. Gavin FAITH 100
  • 2. Kyle PETERS 89
  • 3. Brenden HARRISON 89
  • 4. Kale MAKEHAM 79
  • 5. Hayden MELLROSS 77
  • 6. Taylor POTTER 77
  • 7. Jackson RICHARDSON 74
  • 8. Ryan MARMONT 69
  • 9. Luke ARBON 69
  • 10. Geran STAPLETON 59

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