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AMA 2014 Outdoors at Hangtown:

The 450 class was dominated this week by the rookie, Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen taking a comfortable win in both moto’s for the overall while teammate Ryan Dungey rode consistently to claim the second step of the podium.

After a less than clean pass on Australia’s Brett Metcalfe who ended up 8th, Muscle Milk Honda’s Trey Canard rounded out the podium with Stewart, Barcia and Chad Reed all inside the top 10 for the day.

Hangtown 450 Podium

450 MX Points Standings:

  1. Ken Roczen KTM 94pts
  2. Ryan Dungey KTM 89pts
  3. Trey Canard Hon 72pts
  4. James Stewart Suz 66pts
  5. Brett Metcalfe Kaw 61pts

The 250 class was dominated again by the Yamaha team with Jeremy Martin making it four moto wins in a row with team mate Cooper Webb doing the same for second place. Hondas Zach Bell took an early lead with the holeshot in moto 1 but faded slightly to end up in 8th overall.

Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson made up for a 10th in moto 1 with a 4th in moto 2 while big names Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett were as far back as 14th. Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda’s Cole Seely retired with bike problems.

Hangtown 250 Podium

250 MX Points Standings:

  1. Jeremy Martin Yam 100pts
  2. Cooper Webb Yam 88pts
  3. Christophe Pourcel Yam 63pts
  4. Jessy Nelson Hon 51pts
  5. Marvin Musquin KTM 50pts


Canadian MX Nationals:

After round 1 in the MX1 (450 class) the controversial character Mike Alessi is currently the points leader with other AMA riders Josh Hill, Bobby Kiniry and Kyle Chisholm in the top six. We will keep you updated on how the AMA riders fair against the Canadians throughout their season and keep you posted on any ridiculous block passes as they transpire!

Alessi On The Podium

Monster Energy Australian MX Nationals:

MX1 (450 class):

Matt Moss continues to dominate on his Suzuki after a stint in the USA racing supercross earlier in the year with Kirk Gibbs and Adam Monea rounding out the top three.

MX2 (250 class):


Luke Clout is the standout in the lites with honourable mention of Brenden Harrison who has been racing with an injured back recently. He is currently sitting in third place behind Hamish Harwood so don’t be surprised if he starts putting the pressure on when he returns to full health.


Manjimup 1500 MX Australia:

Kirk Gibbs came out on top with a fresh from retirement Ben Townley in a close second, Kade Mosig’s name keeps popping up in top five finishes of late while American imports Nick Wey and Brett Cue took out 5th and 13th respectfully, Cue being from a racing background has been concentrating on FMX and best whip competitions recently.

Red Bull X-Fighters FMX:

New Zealands’ Levi Sherwood continues to dominate the worlds’ best after taking his second win in a row at Osaka Japan last weekend. Frenchman Tom Pages’ withdrew from the competition stating he was not happy with the course conditions on the day.

With some of the biggest tricks in the world in his repertoire it is understandable that if expectations aren’t met with course design an athlete has the right to make the call on risking their life. A heavy hearted Pages was made a formal apology to his fans on his facebook page soon after.

X-Fighters Points Standings:

  1. Levi Sherwood NZL 100pts
  2. Remi Bizouard FRA 80pts
  3. Josh Sheehan AUS 80pts
  4. Danny Torres ESP 65pts
  5. Rob Adelberg AUS 55pts

Levi Osaka

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