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Motocross News  |  30 September 2014

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Some testing conditions and a bit of bad luck see’s team Australia finish outside of the top 10 on the weekend while team France headed by Gautier Paulin take a convincing win ahead of Belgium and the USA.

A strong Aussie team consisting of Reed (MXGP) Aussie lites champ Luke Clout (MX2) and Matt Moss (MX open) would go up against some tough competition including 8 time FIM world champ Antonio Cairoli and the likes of Ryan Dungey, Jeremy Martin and Eli Tomac from the USA.

The format for MXoN is 3 classes run against each other. MXGP Vs MX2, MX2 Vs Open and MXGP Vs Open, although the classes still score based on overall position, credit is given to riders who place well on the smaller machines. The goal being to earn the least amount of points collectively for your team. The further back you are the more points you collect!


Race 1 (MX1 and MX2):

Reed and Clout would line up first to take on the world in moto 1. Reedy did it tough battling mid pack all moto but finishing in 14th while Clout came from way back outside of the top 30 to 22nd which ended up being ninth out of all of the 250’s so not a bad effort at all!

Antonio Cairoli crashed out of the top 5 while leading the 250’s while Gautier ran away with a comfortable win after leading the majority of the moto.


Clout holding his own against the big bikes.

Clout holding his own against the big bikes.


Race 1 Results:

  • 1. Gautier Paulin FRA Kaw
  • 2. Ryan Dungey USA KTM
  • 3. Max Nagl GER Hon
  • 4. Jeremy Van Horebeek BEL Yam
  • 5. Aleksandr Tonkov RUS Hus
  • 6. Filip Bengtsson SWE KTM
  • 7. Glenn Coldenhoff NED SUZ
  • 8. Tommy Searle GBR Kaw
  • 9. Dylan Ferrandis FRA Kaw
  • 10. Davide Guarneri ITA TM
  • 11. Jeremy Martin USA Yam
  • 12. Rui Goncalves POR Yam
  • 13. Shaun Simpson GBR KTM
  • 14. Chad Reed AUS Kaw
  • 15. Julien Lieber BEL KTM
  • 16. Colton Facciotti CAN Hon
  • 17. Valentin Guillod SUI KTM
  • 18. Vsevolod Brylyakov RUS KTM
  • 19. Jeremy Seewer SUI Suz
  • 20. Harri Kullas EST KTM
  • 21. Matiss Karro LAT KTM
  • 22. Luke Clout AUS Yam
  • 23. Pauls Jonass LAT KTM
  • 24. Thomas Kjer Olsen DEN Yam
  • 25. Gert Krestinov EST Kaw


Race 2 (MX2 and Open):

Moto 2 saw the Aussies finish stronger with Mossy holding onto 15th in the open class and Clout finished one better than his first effort with 21st and 8th out of the 250’s only just being passed by Cairoli late in the race.

Riding a 250 in the open class is never a fun job as you are underpowered all day leaving you battling through mid pack riders with twice the amount of roost getting thrown at you even though you are placing well against your peers so nice work Clouty!

Also big props to Dean Wilson taking a 3rd overall in the second moto against the open bikes. Its been a tough year for the Brit but it is good to see him competitive again!


Race 2 Results:

  • 1. Kevin Strijbos BEL Suz
  • 2. Steven Frossard FRA Kaw
  • 3. Dean Wilson GBR Kaw
  • 4. Tommy Searle GBR Kaw
  • 5. Fredrik Noren SWE Hon
  • 6. Eli Tomac USA Hon
  • 7. Tanel Leok EST TM
  • 8. Glenn Coldenhoff NED Suz
  • 9. Dylan Ferrandis FRA Kaw
  • 10. Marc de Reuver NED Hon
  • 11. Julien Lieber BEL KTM
  • 12. David Philippaerts ITA Yam
  • 13. Jeremy Martin USA Yam
  • 14. Dennis Ullrich GER KTM
  • 15. Matt Moss AUS Suz
  • 16. Arnaud Tonus SUI Kaw
  • 17. Jeremy Seewer SUI Suz
  • 18. Pauls Jonass LAT KTM
  • 19. Antonio Cairoli ITA KTM
  • 20. Thomas Kjer Olsen DEN Yam
  • 21. Luke Clout AUS Yam
  • 22. Alex Martin PUR Yam
  • 23. Santtu Tiainen FIN Hus
  • 24. Harri Kullas EST KTM
  • 25. Vsevolod Brylyakov RUS Hon


Race 3 (MX1 and Open):

It all fell apart for the Aussies in the final moto of the day with Reed launching out of the start gates a little slow and then cartwheeled over a fallen bike 50 meters into the start straight ending his day. Matt Moss hit the deck also later in the first lap, the crash rattled Mossy and he returned to the pits unable to continue once he eventually got back onto his feet.

The placings for this moto were Reed in 38th and Moss in 36th with the other DNF riders dropping team Australia back to 14th overall for MXoN 2014, truly not Australia’s weekend that’s for sure!

The weekend belonged to Gautier Paulin and team France though, Paulin stormed away to another moto win ahead of Jeremy Van Horebeek from Belgium and Eli Tomac from the USA who went down in a first turn pile up too. Dungey fought back to 11th after a slow start and Dean Wilson finished an impressive 5th in the final moto aboard his 250.


Another tough weekend for Reedy at MXoN.

Another tough weekend for Reedy at MXoN.


Race 3 Results:

  • 1. Gautier Paulin FRA Kaw
  • 2. Jeremy Van Horebeek BEL Yam
  • 3. Eli Tomac USA Hon
  • 4. Steven Frossard FRA Kaw
  • 5. Dean Wilson GBR Kaw
  • 6. Aleksandr Tonkov RUS Hus
  • 7. Tanel Leok EST TM
  • 8. Arnaud Tonus SUI Kaw
  • 9. Kevin Strijbos BEL Suz
  • 10. Rui Goncalves POR Yam
  • 11. Ryan Dungey USA KTM
  • 12. Max Nagl GER Hon
  • 13. Matiss Karro LAT KTM
  • 14. Davide Guarneri ITA TM
  • 15. Dennis Ullrich GER KTM
  • 16. Valentin Guillod SUI KTM
  • 17. Fredrik Noren SWE Hon
  • 18. David Philippaerts ITA Yam
  • 19. Gert Krestinov EST Kaw
  • 20. Ceriel Klein Kromhof NED KTM
  • 21. Evgney Mikhaylov RUS Hus
  • 22. Roberts Justs LAT Hus
  • 23. Hugo Basaula POR Kaw
  • 24. Stefan Kjer Olsen DEN Kaw
  • 25. Santtu Tiainen FIN Hus


Although it wouldn’t be Australia’s weekend, there were a few upsets with team Italy and USA finishing 3rd and 6th even with some of the biggest names in the world riding for them.

Funnily enough Jeremy Martin made a comment before the event that he had never heard of most of the European riders apart from Cairoli, but after eating a whole bunch of roost from their bikes for 2 moto’s we are sure there will be a few names he learnt while looking at the back of their jerseys!


Team France on top of the world.

Team France on top of the world.


Nations Overall:

  • 1. France 17pts
  • 2. Belgium 27pts
  • 3. USA 33pts
  • 4. Great Britain 33pts
  • 5. Germany 72pts
  • 6. Italy 73pts
  • 7. Switzerland 74pts
  • 8. Russia 75pts
  • 9. Estonia 77pts
  • 10. The Netherlands 80pts
  • 11. Sweden 92pts
  • 12. Latvia 97pts
  • 13. Portugal 99pts
  • 14. Australia 108pts
  • 15. Denmark 124pts
  • 16. Finland 131pts
  • 17. Canada 149pts
  • 18. Puerto Rico 149pts
  • 19. Ireland 167pts
  • 20. Slovenia 125pts

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