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Motocross News  |  15 September 2014

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FIM World Motocross Championship Round 16 - State of Goias, Trindade



Although Max Nagl and Gautier Paulin took 1 and 2 on the weekend, they overall championship for 2014 now belongs to Antonio Cairoli! The Italian finished in third on his KTM securing enough points to clinch his 8th FIM world motocross title in the MXGP class!

With the depth of talent in the MXGP class and the super gnarly European tracks winning a world title is no easy feat, so after winning 8 of the things massive respect has to be paid to Cairoli who has not surprisingly been selected to represent Italy for the MXON coming up.

Gautier Paulin is one to keep your eye on also, the Kawasaki rider has been creating a name for himself by charging massive jumps on tracks that no other rider attempts in order to jump his way past riders and into the lead!


Antonio copping the sudds after a hard earned 8th world title.

Antonio copping the sudds after a hard earned 8th world title.


MXGP Series Standings:

  • 1. Antonio Cairoli 705pts KTM
  • 2. Jeremy Van Hoorebeek 596pts Yam
  • 3. Kevin Strijbos 530pts Suz
  • 4. Clement Desalle 484pts Suz
  • 5. Steven Frossard 392pts Kaw
  • 6. Shaun Simpson 382pts KTM
  • 7. Max Nagl 357pts Hon
  • 8. Gautier Paulin 315pts Kaw
  • 9. David Guarneri 270pts TM
  • 10. David Philippaerts 258pts Yam


MXON Nations Rider List Update:

The stage is set for the Motocross of Nations at Kegums circuit in Latvia in just over two months. Although the event is drawing close, not every country has announced their teams but here is what we know so far!

Team Italy: The big surprise for the Italians is selecting Antonio Cairoli to race the MX2 class. Their reasoning being they don’t have a healthy world class MX2 rider so Antonio is the man for the job! The rest of the Italian team will consist of veterans Davide Guarneri and David Philippaerts.

Team France: Not surprisingly have selected Gautier Paulin who has been jumping past everyone lately on his 450. Joining him will be Dylan Ferrandis and Steven Frossard. Although they have a strong team there have been a number of questions why Ferrandis was selected while there are 2 French riders placing higher than him in the FIM series and lets not forget Musquin and Pourcell who have been racing well in the AMA series this year.

Team Belgium: The big disappointment for the Belgians is the absence of Jeffrey Herlings who is still out injured with a broken femur. But there is a depth of talent to choose from including Jeremy Van Horebeek who was part of the 2013 MXON winning team. Horebeek, Clement Desalle and Kevin Strijbos all have their names down for the event and will be a contender for sure!

Team USA: Have not Confirmed as of yet.

Team Australia: Is most likely to consist of Matt Moss, but the recent broken femur of Dean Ferris has thrown doubt of the rest of the field unfortunately! Tough blow for Ferris after an already tough year and we wish Dean well for a speedy recovery!

The rest of the teams are still to be announced but social media indicates Dean Wilson will represent Scotland in the MX2 class.

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