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Motocross News  |  2 September 2014

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Monster Energy MX Nationals (Australia) Round 10 - Coolum, QLD



The deep sand of the Coolum MX track was always going to prove to be a challenge for the riders and with the torrential rain in previous weeks, the track was submerged under water leading up to the event. Most racers were sceptical weather the event would event be successfully run at all. With some long hours in machinery and some serious work, the track was churned down deep and the water soaked in making it rideable but more like quick sand!

After a solid year Suzuki’s Matt Moss had a comfortable lead heading into the final round, however the championship win was not guaranteed and Mossy still needed to hold it all together for one more weekend of racing to stay in front of KTM’s Kirk Gibbs in second place.

On top of particularly difficult track conditions there were a number of standout performances on the day from CDR’s Billy Mackenzie and Jacob Wright. New Zealand’s Ben Townley came out of retirement for the weekend on his CRF and shook things up a bit as well.

The race format for the day was x3 20min +1 lap moto’s giving riders more chances to improve their results even if one of their moto’s went a little wayward.

Weather it was the pressure of the championship or simply the track conditions, Mossy seemed to struggle on the day finishing in 7th overall. Fortunately though it was enough to clinch the title making it 2 Aussie championships in a row. Congrats Mossy!

Billy Mackenzie won the day ahead of Gibbs and Jabob Wright and with the results of the lites class a solid day in Australian MX for Yamaha.


Billy Mackenzie Coolum

CDR Yamaha's Billy Mackenzie took the overall in coolum and 3rd for th championship.


MX1 Series Standings:

  • 1. Matt Moss 789pts
  • 2. Kirk Gibbs 776pts
  • 3. Billy Mackenzie 734pts
  • 4. Adam Monea 692pts
  • 5. Jacob Wright 611pts
  • 6. Jake Moss 599pts
  • 7. Hayden Mellross 528pts
  • 8. Kade Mosig 528pts
  • 9. Sam Martin 481pts
  • 10. Brock Winston 478pts



A similar story for the MX2 class and Serco Yamaha’s Luke Clout heading into the final round with a healthy lead over Hamish Harwood but not a guaranteed result.

The added element of the lites class is the addition of the 250 two strokes racing against the 250f’s. Although the Serco Yamaha team has the budget and the big name riders the standout of the weekend was 17 year old Caleb Ward from Cairns.

The privateer on a KTM 2 stroke qualified first and then won all 3 moto’s convincingly ahead of Clout, Jay Wilson and Takeshi Katsuya who at 35, still rips and finished in 2nd for the day!

Clout rode consistent enough on the day to take home 3rd for the day and the championship win ahead of Hamish Harwood and Luke Arbon in 3rd.

Caleb Ward took 5th overall for the series so the big news will be what deal the young gun is on next year, all the best Caleb!


Caleb Ward Coolum

Privateer Caleb Ward proved to be a bit of a sand specialist on the weekend.


MX2 Series Standings:

  • 1. Luke Clout 688pts
  • 2. Hamish Harwood 641pts
  • 3. Luke Arbon 638pts
  • 4. Jay Wilson 613pts
  • 5. Caleb Ward 597pts
  • 6. Kale Makeham 543pts
  • 7. Brendon Harrison 464pts
  • 8. Errol Willis 414pts
  • 9. Kayne Lamont 395pts
  • 10. Joel Evans 355pts

    New World Record: Longest Backflip on a Mountain Bike 100 feet - Cam Zink:


    Mammoth Mountain in California was centre stage for thousands of people to witness Cam Zink break th world record fo the longest backflip on a mountain bike.

    A towering dirt double jump was built for Cam which was prepped and groomed to perfection. Jumping this thing alone would have been scary enough but after nailing the gap safely in practice all that was left for him to do was gather up his courage and pull back!

    We are happy to say he greased it, flipping the gap and landing smooth in front of thousands of people and on live TV all over the world. It will be interesting to see how far these crazy bicycle riders will go in the future but for now, Cam Zink is the man!

    Zink Backflip Mountain Bike


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