The MXsteeze #36 Staff Edition with Pete Anderson

MXsteeze  |  3 September 2015

The MXsteeze #36 Staff Edition with Pete Anderson main image

The MXsteeze #36 Staff Edition with Pete Anderson Dragon Goggles Fox riding gear Skins Compression Pod Knee Braces

A little about Pete, MXstore and the transition from riding Freestyle Motocross to being part of the fastest growing Australian online store in the Motorcycle industry:

I spent the majority of my early 20's chasing a career in freestyle motocross. Riding dirt bikes is all I ever really wanted to do as a kid and I was lucky enough to get to a point where I was earning a living whilst travelling the world to compete and ride shows. Over the years I experienced many of the ups and downs of the sport and sustained a few injuries which naturally come from riding dirt bikes full time. I started to realise that riding FMX wasn't going to pay the bills forever so I began to put my feelers out to see what else I could get involved with after I was done with riding.

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I would talk to people who I was meeting at events to see if I could land some sort of a job within the industry and then in 2009 two guys from a clothing brand I was sponsored by approached me and asked if I would be interested in writing an online blog for a moto website they were starting. I thought it would be a great way to promote my sponsors and market myself more as a rider so I kept in regular contact with them as they hadn't even built the website yet. In late 2009 I sustained a significant injury breaking both of my ankles which took me out for a long stint and the doctors were uncertain weather I would be able to ride again.

Pete Anderson Ruler

In early 2010 whilst I was still recovering from my injury I began working on MXstore, which at the time was a website which sold just a few motocross tee-shirts. Over the last next few years we have seen huge growth from myself working in a small office on my own most days to a 1000 square meter warehouse with now over 20 employees. We have Australia's largest range of MX Gear, Parts, Protective Gear and Accessories and an ever growing team of staff. The biggest reason we have been able to grow so fast comes back to the fantastic team we have here, everyone is passionate, dedicated and hard working  - we've been really lucky to have such a great group of people come together and we're all following the same vision about making the sport safer and more accessible for everyone! 

Pete Anderson Rock Solid

My role in MXstore now is primarily in marketing but my weekly role usually includes a bit of everything as there is always a lot to do. I usually end up helping out in a few different departments on any given day which keeps things interesting!

Fortunately I have managed to be able to keep up my riding and training so most of my mornings are spent in the gym, I ride every weekend and sometimes get an early finish through the week for a late afternoon session when I can.

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Over the years I have been supported by some amazing brands and I really cannot thank them enough. Yamaha, JC Action Sports, FOX Racing, Dragon Optical, POD MX, Skins Compression, Flo Motorsports, Uni Filter, Ipone Oils, Michelin Tyres and many others which helped me reach my goals and I will always be grateful for their support! 

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*All imagery thanks to Johnny Bonnar Photography!*

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