The MXsteeze #24 with Aaron Plessenger

MXsteeze  |  5 June 2015

The MXsteeze #24 with Aaron Plessenger main image

The MXsteeze #24 with Aaron Plessenger 100 Percent Goggles Answer riding gear Gaerne Boots Answer Riding gear


Aaron Scott Plessinger Rider Bio

Age: 18

Hometown: Hamilton, OH

Height: 6’2”


Current Class: 250 A Lites Supercross

Current Race Vehicle: Yamaha 250F

Favorite Track: Paradise Off-road Park

Favorite Music: Country and Rap

Favorite Food: Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla, XL Baja Blast

First Race: Hare Scramble, Columbus, OH

Family: Dad: Scott Plessinger, Mom: Angie Plessinger, Danielle: Older Sister, Dalton: Younger Brother,

Hobbies: Road biking, MTB, fishing, basketball

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