MXstore attends Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6!

Motocross News  |  27 April 2018

MXstore attends Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6! main image

Dust Hustle 6 banner

Australia's biggest 'inappropriate' dirt day attracted some of the weirdest and most wonderful 2 wheeled rigs that we've ever laid eyes on. Dust Hustle 6 was held at the well-known location of QMP (Queensland Moto Park) and what a day it was! MXstore sent 3 of our biggest frothers to get involved with Jay on his Harley Dyna, Emma on her Honda CB and NIgel representing our MX side on his KTM. All staff members came away from the event wearing a bit of mud and a heap of smiles. 

The event was split up into four riding classes where we got to see some pretty wild machines:

3. OLD MATES (PRE ’90)

With the day consisting of 3 tracks - a drag strip, enduro/grass track, and the main highlight being the natural terrain track! 
Spending 45 minutes on each track alternating by ridding class you soon realise why some of these bikes are better-off kept on the road. 

"Can't thank the guys enough for putting on such a rad event! I had a lot of fun taking the bike off the road and through some mud. And thanks to the SP tools set up I was able to keep the Harley on the track for most of the day haha. When's the next one? I'll be back for sure" - Jay

MXstore dust hustle 6 HarleyJay on his Harley Dyna.

"Dust Hustle's been the most fun I've had riding in a long time! I wasn't sure how the little CB would get up the hills in the mud, but turns out the cheese grater I had on the back worked a treat and somehow I ended up doing 45min motos! Thanks to everyone who made the event possible, I still can't wipe the smile off my face as I look back through the photos. If you missed out this year, make sure you get your name down for the next!" - Emma

Mxstore Dust Hustle 6 Honda CBEmma on her Honda CB.

"I went to Dust Hustle not knowing what to expect as it is not your traditional event. Two days after the event and I was hurting from so much time on the bike - I was having so much fun out there I ended up doing four 45 minute motos. I have never ridden with a trials tyre on my bike - mixed with the downpour of rain the night before it made for a crazy day of riding. The whole event atmosphere was focused on having a fun time - and this is exactly what everyone did. I will definitely be back for the next one." - Nigel

MXstore Dust Hustle 6 KTMNigel on his KTM.

All in all, it's safe to say that Dust Hustle 6 was a very successful day and we look forward to supporting yet another. For those keen to get on board and showcase your wildest machine at the next event then stay tuned for more details on Dust Hustle 7 which will be held at Mick Doohan Raceway in Banyo on the 1st September 2018.

In the meantime check out some of the highlights from the weekend that was...Dust Hustle 6!

Photo credits: @emmamcferran @motorcyclepics_ @hopephotographic

2018 Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6 MXstore

2018 Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6 MXstore

2018 Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6 MXstore

2018 Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6 MXstore

2018 Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6 MXstore

2018 Ellaspede's Dust Hustle 6 event

2018 Dust Hustle 6 MXstore

Dust Hustle 6 event 2018

Dust Hustle crash

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This is nuts. Why don't we have one of these in Victoria?

Rob H on 2 May 2018
How good would that be! Hopefully they'll expand and have a few additional locations in the future :)
MXstore Response

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